Friday, January 30, 2009

Insanity Spree


There’s a place of mystery
Found in childhood fantasy
Some things creepy, I’d agree
But most are fun just wait and see

Follow me, I’ll take you there
To this land where things are rare
You’ll be stunned so just prepare
And don’t forget extra underwear

I’ll take you there just follow me
We won’t get lost, I’ll guarantee
When we arrive you will be free
To join in on the ceremony

You’ll have fun. I swear, I swear
There making me queen, I do declare
I’ll bring in all sorts of flair
All of them will stop and stare

Come with me to Skitter Lee Dee
We will rid them of the wicked banshee
And they will make a grand decree
Announcing you as their official emcee

It’s a land of no despair
I ask you to come because I care
It’s time to let go of life’s wear and tear
So in my insanity I’d like you to share


You too can join in on the Friggin’ Fabulous Friday Fling Fun check it out & get your Seuss on!!

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