Saturday, January 31, 2009

Fantasy Mind Trap


A little bit dizzy from some mind bending fumes

I begin wandering through a labyrinth of rooms.

Every doorway leads to another empty space

and I can’t remember the way out of this place.

My rose colored glasses have been broken for days

and I can’t see daylight through the thick purple haze.

I feel my way through, like the blind leading the blind

next thing I know, I find myself somehow entwined.

I look up from my entrapment and what do I see?

Well I’m still not sure what, it’s a mystery.

I’m wishing there was sunlight dancing in the sky

or better yet, that I was more limber and spry.

An incandescent sight in the dark of the night

then all of a sudden I was feeling no fright.

Snickering behind my hand, giggling with glee

caused the curious creature to just set me free.

Perplexed by my laughter it began flapping its wings,

twisting its heads and jumping as if it were on springs.

I began to see stars as if under some spell

and then there was another mind numbing smell.

Awakened I look to the rainbow in the sky

and I feel like something is crawling on my thigh.

No way, not again it’s time to get up and flee

before some roots sprout up and try to trap me!


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