Tuesday, December 29, 2009



Into your life she pounced,
like a chocolate bundle of joy.
A little four legged friend
with her happiness convoy.

Your lonely days were gone
fulfilled by her cute puppy glee.
Nothing could come between you
not even the smallest flea.

Those big brown eyes showed their trust
and the love just flowed from you to her.
So many memories shared
through the years gone by in a blur.

There for each other always
through everything life threw your way.
In each other’s hearts forever
is where all those memories stay.

Belle has moved onto Heaven
and she will look over you from there
for even death can’t break that bond
so it would not even dare.

Time will heal the hurt you feel
but your heart will never forget
the unconditional love between
you and your beautiful pet.

This poem is dedicated to my best friend Kerin Hansen & her best friend Belle ~~ R.I.P. Belle.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Batter's Up

Being that it's the Christmas Season,
I must forewarn you of the treason
of writing something so displeasing
but it's just what I've been feeling.

For all throughout my little house
I have creatures stirring, worse than louse,
which don’t include my family
but just their friends they force upon me.

Now mind you I’ve not harmed a fly
but if you only knew you’d wonder why.
The poem below is purely fictitious
so don’t go getting too suspicious.


I’m buying a brand new bat,
we’ll see what they think about that.
Maybe then they’ll turn tail and scat
before they’re clobbered like a rat.

All the rules have been planted,
nothing ever was recanted.
No more time outs will be granted,
this isn’t their life enchanted.

Bases are loaded, no more room,
it’s crazy that they just presume,
but this is not their mama’s womb
and they could end up in a tomb.

“Batter’s up!” will be their warning
and they’ll just be left forlorning
cause I will not be in mourning
for the marks they’ll be adorning.

I’ll be having major league dreams
of hearing all their bloody screams.
I’ll gladly take on all their teams
and they’ll just see how my smile beams.

So take heed now while you have time
and don't be fooled by this rhyme
because I think you all are slime
and having you gone would be sublime.


Thursday, December 17, 2009



The time has come for my winter sneezing,
a sneeze is a sneeze, not flu bug treason.
I know the weather outside is freezing
so for my sniffles that is the reason.

Way deep inside this body of mine,
somewhere near the base of my spine,
is this demon seed that grows like a vine
using me as its nurturing brine.

Throughout the year the seed finds its way in
then it lies dormant as it gathers sin.
It knows that someday its fun will begin
and then the fight’s on but it will not win.

My brain just knows when the time is right
to give that seed some sneezing fright.
It causes me to be stuffed up at night
so I’m determined to make it take flight.

Outside it’s cold but inside it’s dry
so my nose and throat say why oh why.
The nose starts to run like the eyes cry
and I want to make the seed just die.

The sneezing starts and does not stop
until it hears the seed go pop
which causes the spores to jump and hop
into the Kleenex then the trash, kerplop!

Friday, December 11, 2009

Love Thy Home


I’ve got house guests from hell that’s what they are
but they’re not guests at all that’s what’s bazaar.
I should be the queen of my castle or even the czar
yet I rather escape from them and go somewhere far.

Who knows what keeps me here, it’s really not them
cause if my family were a flower, I’d be the stem,
growing from my parents and supporting their gem,
then I’m mowed down and spit out like lawn mower phlegm.

Never invited to stay yet they insist,
when that ‘taker’ gene was passed out I was missed.
No’s not an answer they don’t get the gist
I almost prefer to slit my own wrist.

Now the house it is old I’ll give them that
it wasn’t ready for the house pest combat.
If it could fight back it would lay them out flat
or just squash them like the bugs they are, SPLAT!

The windows are broken and so are the doors
from running in and out, drama and wars.
There’s all this hostility that leaks from my pores
and I almost think it’s what stained all my floors.

The electrical is failing so the lights just don’t work
which only makes it easier for the gremlins to lurk.
I could kill them off and claim that I’ve gone berserk
I just need to practice on my serial killer smirk.

There’s no appreciation although they disagree
yet I feel it should be scrolling in lights on a marquee.
Instead I get a house full of chaos and debris
and this weird desire for a Menards shopping spree.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009



I discovered so many faceted prisms
in my house which is full of hooliganisms.
You may not perceive those as real organisms
but they can spin your world into many schisms.

They weasel their way in, there’s no where to hide.
Not that I try too hard, I must confide.
There’s this thing called a heart that I have deep inside
and with that my brain will constantly collide.

I can always wake up to a brand new day
and think positive things will come my way,
but the hooliganisms bring on their decay
sometimes eroding those good things at my dismay.

It’s a toxic party game I can’t seem to win
and I am the donkey whose tail needs a pin.
On goes their blindfold so that they can spin
then off they go, sticking me with a big grin.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Happy Hours


Oh how time seems to go so fast
So many years have just blown past
We think of those times we’ve had a blast
The wise always know they just can’t last

There are those days that just seem to crawl
They make you want to curl up and bawl
You become part of it for the long haul
And when it ends you feel ten feet tall

Everyone will say their goodbyes
You’ll probably even have one that cries
But there will be a bond that never dies
No matter how hard anyone tries

You’re probably happy to be out of here
But down deep inside you’ll shed a tear
Even though it’s a pain in the rear
I’m sure there are times that are quite dear

There’ll be no more hugs that you give out
Those will be missed without a doubt
I for one wish I were more devout
And the fact that I wasn’t will make me pout

For you Bobbie we can never forget
And the time that’s been lost we will regret
But we’ll see you again so we won’t fret
Happy hours are in our futures you can bet

This is dedicated to a friend & co-worker on her retirement... Woo hoo for you Bobbie Roepke!!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Let Rhyme Be Your Cure


Words can be the cure
for a soul that’s impure.
You’re in denial I’m sure
but the rhyme is the lure.

It makes you want to read
and to the words take head,
To happiness they can lead
just let them plant the seed

You may notice a slight pain
and a tingle in your brain
but don’t you be in disdain
that big smile isn’t inane.

Now if you look back you’ll agree
you’re happier to some degree,
just let your smile be pure and free
you’ve been cured by a rhyming spree.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Incredible Week


Monday’s I feel like I’m hexed,
Tuesday’s leave me feeling vexed,
Wednesday’s I am quite perplexed,
Thursday’s when I put it all in text.
Friday’s I’m happy to see what’s next
then the weekend’s here and freedom is flexed.

Now I think the time has come
when I take the week under my thumb,
crinkle it up into a little crumb,
and tell it no more will I succumb.
No longer will Monday’s be so glum
that idea is just plain dumb.

Beginning that day in a happy state
will make the rest of the week just great.
I know you may think that’s up for debate
but life’s what you make it, that’s just fate.
Negativity will no longer perpetrate
and that will allow greatness to conjugate.

It’s a new relationship with each week
and I refuse allowing it to be bleak
so positivity is what I will seek
then at each week’s end I will critique
so I can unravel the crazy mystique
of what makes an awesome one so unique!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Pursuit of Happiness


With childlike wonder you want to believe
not everyone is just out to deceive.
Put your conspiracy theories on reprieve
and you’ll be surprised by what you perceive.

Inside us all is a will to survive,
the heart and soul can be hard to revive,
so protection is our ultimate drive
yet we must live our life and hope to thrive.

Eventually someone comes along
proving that opening up isn’t wrong
and when it happens your heart sings a song
because it’s found that one with whom you belong.

Believing becomes easier now that you share
your inner most feelings with those you know care
there may be some heartache or times of despair
but a life filled with loneliness just doesn’t compare.

Your walls will come down to allow a clear view
and the signs may be easy to misconstrue
but don’t allow that to set things askew
because to achieve happiness you must pursue.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Life's Drama


Times they are a changing
so the song does say.
Emotions they are raging
as you go along your way.

Priorities may hold you back
if you allow them to.
It's baggage's time to unpack
so you can start a new.

There are many blessings for one & all
if they only choose to see.
All of them count even the small,
and bad ones also to some degree.

It's just a matter of living life
and not letting it live you.
Learning from the pain and strife
and enjoying all the good times too.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Hidden Pearl

my name Pictures, Images and Photos

Much like the oyster creates a pearl
The world did its thing and created this girl
Years of emotions bottled up inside
Like grains of sand just trying to hide
Daily life pressures and stress wore them down
Shaping a soul that may possibly astound

A unique individual tried and true
Each of us is in case you didn’t have a clue
A thing of beauty created by life
Took the good from the bad no dwelling in strife
Can function alone or within a group
There can be several alike but none are a dup

The smile that is shown the glimmer in the eyes
Is what makes each different behind the disguise

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Gift of Happiness

smiley Pictures, Images and Photos
Life can provide an element of surprise
just don’t be too greedy and demand supersize

Each of us holds the right cards in our hands
making good decisions will guide where fate lands

The journey can be long or it can be short
so when it gets tough hang in don’t abort

Things can get better but that’s up to you
don’t dwell in the past look forward to the new

The future is your present all wrapped in a bow
the choices made now will help it to grow

Just slowly unwrap more a little each day
and allow your happiness to be on display

That emotional state is contagious to all
you’ll be lifting spirits in big ways and small

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Water Skiing


Blogophilia 30.2 Topic: Get Me Off This Crazy Thing
Bonus points
(hard, 2 points): mention a comedy of errors
(easy, 1 point): incorporate an Arnold Schwarzenegger movie
Final day to post: Sept 29th midnight GMT.

There once was a giraffe that water skied
I laughed so hard that I nearly peed
We cheered him on to pick up the speed
And he always accomplished that little deed

He often screamed “Get me off this crazy thing!”
But most thought he was just being a ding-a-ling
Oh so many hours of laughter he did bring
To that water ski rope he surely did cling.

It’s a comedy of errors, that’s what it is
The whole crazy thing could be a hit in the biz
He slices through that water spraying its fizz
Knowing that all eyes were just watching his

As he takes on the feat he does jingle all the way
And he gets back on those skis every single day
He loves to watch people’s reactions to him play
And the crowd is pleased for they always stay


Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Life's Compensation

love Pictures, Images and Photos

Stuck in a state of mass confusion
thinking love may be an illusion.
A much needed reality transfusion
could assist one with this common delusion.

Misconstrued love of the past lamented.
The heart may still be a little dented
from pain & loss that is quite cemented,
but it can always be reinvented.

Still holding back from any transgression,
weighted down by an inner oppression,
fear of never losing the obsession
but making tiny steps of progression.

All that's needed is authenticity,
just tired of years of duplicity,
no longer up for the complicity,
thinking back to times of simplicity.

Give me stimulating conversation,
a sense of humor for the foundation,
creativity and inspiration,
that would be a winning combination.

One should never expect something transcendent
but it's not asking too much for resplendent,
just never let them be the ascendant
for you yourself are independent.

There's no longer a set expectation,
never needed a pretty decoration,
it's real life that is the fascination
and love will someday be the compensation.


Monday, September 21, 2009

Mended Hearts

Mended Heart

Thoughts swirl, the mind goes blank.
The soul still feels, the heart it aches.
Close you are, deep within
like we are one, in a tailspin.

Lost in a world of only us,
words and actions both confess.
Feelings are strong, the bond is pure.
The touch hits deep, to the core.

Hours are spent but time it flies,
seems fate has delivered a surprise,
and proven an ongoing trend
confused and broken hearts can mend.

Sunday, September 20, 2009


Rubble, 2007, acrylic on paper Pictures, Images and Photos

Blogophilia 29.2 Topic: Take Back Your Rotten Gift
Bonus points
(hard, 2 points): incorporate the phrase "fire in the hole"
(easy, 1 point): include a major league baseball team name

Take back your rotten gift
I don’t want it any more.
Through the rubble I have to sift,
around all the pain and gore.

You found a space to weasel in
and shouted fire in the hole.
It’s like I was influenced by gin
missing that you were just a mole.

The Texas Rangers couldn’t find you
after you left my life in shambles.
It’s like you vanished without a clue
yet with a hint everyone still scrambles.

The next time you show your face
help will not be on my menu.
I hope you hang your head in disgrace
if you do appear in this venue.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Love Bug

Blogophilia 28.2 Topic: A Day at the Races
bonus points
(hard, 2 points): incorporate a rare insect
(easy, 1 point): include something carved out of wood
Final day to post: Sept 15th midnight GMT.

Like the Schaus Swallowtail true love is rare
its masking ability isn’t quite fair

With beauty and poise it often strikes
but not as quite often as anyone likes

Sometimes it sneaks in and you don’t know it’s there
while other times it’s bold and you accept the dare

It’s a day at the races once it sets in
so the success and crashes will soon begin

You will fight to keep it alive if you care
because losing true love is what most can’t bare

The journey can be bad or it can often be good
It can splinter your heart like it’s carved out of wood

But in the long run it’s worth it most will declare
to find that special someone with whom you can share

Friday, September 11, 2009


Heart mind soul Pictures, Images and Photos

Sometimes clueless I can be
of good things regarding me.
All the signs are plain to see
but a closed mind to some degree.

Pick and choose my mind plays tricks,
like it’s dodging flying bricks.
It’s strange to see what it picks,
what bypasses and what sticks.

Sometimes life is quite deranged,
over the years things have changed.
Parts of the past become estranged,
priorities rearranged.

Major regrets are few and far,
although some parts are quite bazaar.
The heart’s become a sealed jar
waiting for its lucky star.

Life is short, the time has come,
time to give up being numb.
Take it in the mind will hum.
and everything else will succumb.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Lost Soul


The souls line up at my feet
Can I guide their fate
Something inside says I can

Coming to me, tears in eyes
I fall every time
May I be their only hope

If they come with open minds
Then they can be helped
They will lead rewarding live

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Best 2 Days

beach wedding :] Pictures, Images and Photos

I saw you across the beach with that fine tan chest
When out they popped like blue specked eggs from a nest

You sauntered on over without a care in the world
And I got so excited that my toes just curled

The whole scene was great if not for those balls
And all the attention that sort of scene draws

I laughed so hard my undies were in need of repair
But they were like my heart, fragile, handle with care

Wearing ribbons of pink and a bonnet of lace
And a silly school girl grin on my bright red face

I stood up and began to walk over your way
With a sweet little sexy vixen sashay

I realized then you weren’t coming for me
You had your eyes set on the first aid marquee

You began to run like a thoroughbred stud
As my pride hit the floor with a giant thud

You blew right past me without a second glance
And I figured then that I just had no chance

So back to my beach towel I returned to pout
I thought for sure I was gonna quench my man drought

My spirit was low but the sun was still high
I laid back and stared up into that light blue sky

Next thing I knew there you were, right by my side
And you said you had something that you had to confide

The man eggs are twisted so no kids can be had
And my sweet sexy ways were just driving you mad

Not long after we were married in that same spot
And those are two days that will never be forgot

Friday, September 4, 2009



Blogophilia 27.2 Topic: Dark Side of the Moon
bonus points
(hard, 2 points): incorporate the king of diamonds
(easy, 1 point): mention an Aerosmith song

Faith is in the eye of the beholder,
at times you’re just given the cold shoulder,
while your insides are just left to smolder
and you feel like you’ve been hit by a boulder.

Other times the outcome can be quite grand,
of course that would be what’s in high demand,
but your wish is not always its command
so things may not ever go quite as planned.

The dark side of the moon may entice you
cause things in your life are making you blue.
People tell you to have faith and you do,
but sometimes the results are just overdue.

The king of diamonds appears in the sky
as a bright shooting star set loose to fly.
You dread making a wish and wonder why
but you won’t let optimism just die.

Sometimes you need to get outta your head,
see your life through eyes of others instead.
Someone has it worse it is often said
at least your waters are easy to tread.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Cage Match

Blogophilia Topic 4: The Jury is Still Out
Bonus points
(Hard, 2 points): use a quote from Dr. Seuss
(Easy, 1 point) : work in 5 different species of animals

Seuss Elephant Pictures, Images and Photos

Polka dotted hippos in my stew,
how they got there I have no clue.
There seem to be giraffes in shades of blue,
it’s a regular demented sort of zoo.

The jury is still out on my state of mind
but I swear I saw a baboon’s behind.
Don’t have me committed, please be kind,
I’m good for a laugh you’ll come to find.

In 20 minutes there’ll be a knock at the door
and a bright green flamingo will be on the floor.
It’s elephants that they love forever more
so when they come it’ll be fun galore.

There’s a problem with that to some extent,
elephants and elephants are only content.
I meant what I said, and I said what I meant,
an elephant is faithful, one hundred percent.

So the galore of fun will be quite a sight
and try as you may, try as you might,
you won’t be able to get them to unite
so you may end up with a cage match fight.


Saturday, August 29, 2009

The Final Straw

Blogophilia Topic 3: A snake in the grass
Bonus points
(Hard, 2 points): Dress in Drag
(Easy, 1 point) : Keeping Score


Yes I’m keeping score
of how often you’re a bore.
I should be laughing on the floor
but you don’t humor me any more.

You don’t tell me silly jokes
or help me make fun of folks.
There’s no more crazy little pokes,
I feel like it was all a great big hoax.

It could all be made up to me
if you just dress in drag you see.
Just think how hilarious that would be,
I’d be on a continuous laughing spree.

Here wear this grass skirt.
No, there’s no need for a shirt.
If you dance a little it can’t hurt.
“There’s a snake in the grass!” is what I’ll blurt.


Missing Parachute

Blogophilia Topic 2: All on a Winter's Morn
Bonus points
(Hard, 2 points): incorporate a famous mountain in the body of your write
(Easy, 1 point) : include James Bond in a tutu

circus tent Pictures, Images and Photos

On the peaks of Kanchenjunga
All on a winter’s morn
I saw a sight quite peculiar
And as yellow as a cob of corn

It was James bond in a tutu
Close to the upper most edge
He was getting ready to swan dive
Right over the rocky mountain ledge

He was singing a little ditty
about all the women he once loved
and he was looking rather silly
I felt like he wanted to be shoved

I contemplated moving closer
He appeared to be turning green
His singing was getting much louder
And I noticed he was wearing neoprene

Quickly he stepped to the left
And then he skipped to the right
He did a somersault in midair
And that seemed to cause him delight

He turned around to face me
And he had a huge smile on his face
He said that he was no longer scared
And he was off to gamble on the race

Around he turned once again
And over the edge he then went
all I heard as he fell through the air
Was, “Next time I’ll steal the circus tent!”

Ode To My Dragonfly

This is a new tattoo that I got & I love it so much that it inspired a song, to the tune of My Funny Valentine:-)


My spacey dragonfly
Sweet cosmic dragonfly
You make me smile way deep inside
Your looks original
So photographable
And you’re my favorite work of art

Life is short but yet so sweet
Never admit true defeat
Change is never quite complete
A new start

Pay attention to desires
Apprehension holds you back
Stay little dragonfly stay
Each day is better that way

Life is short but yet so sweet
Never admit true defeat
Change is never quite complete
A new start

Pay attention to desires
Apprehension holds you back
Stay little dragonfly stay
Each day is better that way

Saturday, August 22, 2009

The Tryst

adam and eve Pictures, Images and Photos

I feel like I have wings and I’m flying high,
so high that I reach down from the sky.

I saw you dressed in a fine garland of bay leaves
and a donut in your mouth, which no one believes.

I couldn’t resist dancing the peppermint twist
above the glow of the starlight mist.

Spin me around until I see the stars
then take me, I’m yours, to the planet Mars.

Goosebumps popped up rather brisk like,
I began to feel like a silly little tyke.

I was ecstatic for us to share the tryst,
I think I loved you from the moment we kissed.

Then you cheated after only a few weeks,
blazing anger scorches my cheeks.

Risk, chance and circumstance,
I’ll never be sorry that we danced the dance.

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Friday, August 21, 2009

12 Weeks of Summer

Lucky sunbathin Pictures, Images and Photos

Written in the tune of The 12 Days of Christmas:-)

On the first day of summer my good luck brought to me, a puppy that I named Lucky.

On the second week we of summer my good luck brought to me, 2 rounds of fleas and a puppy that I named Lucky.

On the third week of summer my good luck brought to me 3 wood ticks, 2 rounds of fleas and a puppy that I named Lucky.

On the fourth week of summer my good luck brought to me 4 vet bills, 3 wood ticks, 2 rounds of fleas and a puppy that I named Lucky.

On the fifth week of summer my good luck brought to me 5 neighbor dogs…. 4 vet bills, 3 wood ticks, 2 rounds of fleas and a puppy that I name Lucky.

On the sixth week of summer my good luck brought to me 6 puppy requests, 5 neighbor dogs… 4 vet bills, 3 wood ticks, 2 rounds of fleas and a puppy that I named Lucky.

On the seventh week of summer my good luck brought to me 7 potty accidents, 6 puppy requests, 5 neighbor dogs… 4 vet bills, 3 wood ticks, 2 rounds of fleas and a puppy that I named Lucky.

On the eighth week of summer my good luck brought to me 8 whimpering pups, 7 potty accidents, 6 puppy requests, 5 neighbor dogs… 4 vet bills, 3 wood ticks, 2 rounds of fleas and a puppy that I named Lucky.

On the ninth week of summer my good luck brought to me 9 leaping dogs, 8 whimpering pups, 7 potty accidents, 6 puppy requests, 5 neighbor dogs… 4 vet bills, 3 wood ticks, 2 rounds of fleas and a puppy that I named Lucky.

On the tenth week of summer my good luck brought to me 10 minutes of silence, 9 leaping dogs, 8 whimpering pups, 7 potty accidents, 6 puppy requests, 5 neighbor dogs… 4 vet bills, 3 wood ticks, 2 rounds of fleas and a puppy that I named Lucky.

On the eleventh week of summer my good luck brought to me 11 hundred dollars, 10 minutes of silence, 9 leaping dogs, 8 whimpering pups, 7 potty accidents, 6 puppy requests, 5 neighbor dogs… 4 vet bills, 3 wood ticks, 2 rounds of fleas and a puppy that I named Lucky.

On the twelfth week of summer my good luck brought to me 12 new puppy requests, 11 hundred dollars, 10 minutes of silence, 9 leaping dogs, 8 whimpering pups, 7 potty accidents, 6 puppy requests, 5 neighbor dogs… 4 vet bills, 3 wood ticks, 2 rounds of fleas and a puppy that I named Lucky.

Totally made up song & the dog in the pic isn't mine either, this was just something that came to my head when someone said that their dog had a litter of 8 whimpering pups... LOL

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Chaos Theory

String Theory Pictures, Images and Photos

Blogophilia 25.2 Topic: Devoid of Life
bonus points
(hard, 2 points): include a reference to loop quantum gravity
(easy, 1 point) mention the Milky Way

Drawn into the vapid abyss,
devoid of life or death,
the world feels frozen on its axis
and confusion takes its final breath.

You are the one restrained
in loop quantum gravity,
held together by a string
where sanity is just a theory.

Abnormality spins its networks,
like a cognitive basket weaver,
shielding you in its fabric,
shaping you into a believer.

The trail of Milky Way
runs slowly down your chin,
the cosmos in your eyes
says you’re ready to give in.

The voices sing in chorus
providing a spatial view,
the framework of your being
knows just what it should do

Life is relatively general
or everything you make it,
giving up or giving in
is based solely on your wit.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Dreams of Melony Goodness


Blogophilia 24.2 Topic: But Officer...
bonus points (hard, 2 points): incorporate a tongue twister
(easy, 1 point) use red as a color or a flavor
Final day to post: Aug 18th midnight GMT

Six sticky sucker sticks, six sticky sucker sticks, shix stucky sticker sicks… damn, even typing I can’t do it 3 times real fast!! Speaking of sticky sucker sticks, one of my favorite suckers happens to be the watermelon Jolly Rancher sucker… when they were square. I’m not sure why they changed them to round but that is just not Willy Wonka’s style… is he selling out on us or what? My other was the grape Jolly Rancher sucker. The Jolly Rancher just has it right with the good blend of sweet and sour, what can I say? I often thought of his orchards of suckers and hoped to someday be able to work for him during a harvest but alas, now that they are round I’m not so interested.

I think Mr. Wonka needs to fight back against the round sucker revolution and bring back the square… LONG LIVE THE SQUARE!! I’m pretty passionate about my lolli’s sorry. I call them lolli’s when spoken of lovingly because sucker is so derogatory and they just haven’t been able to take the pride back in that name. They will continue to try of course because they are a hard candy after all, so they are stubborn and strong.

So I begin to think that maybe I need to start a petition for the square suckers to be brought back. I could even throw a small event and have Blind Melon play… I’m sure since they’re not busy they would be honored. We could have watermelon seed spitting contests and grape seed also cause let’s face it, you bite into one of those it just ruins the grape eating experience! Maybe we could even get Jack Gallagher to do his act, he likes watermelons and he’s a Leo like me so we got a connection!

Yeah, I have it all figured out now I just need to sleep some so that it will all come to fruition in my dreams and Willy will see how much the square suckers are missed and consider getting the Jolly Rancher to begin growing those again instead of the round. If not then they may see red cause my dream will turn into a nightmare and a new movie where Freddy Krueger, Jason and Mike Myers all reek havoc on the Jolly Rancher’s farm! That will be my “But officer” moment although I don’t think it would bode too well for the officer… if ya know what I mean! Whew… sorry, got a little outta control there. Red shouldn’t be used for anger and murder, it should be for good things like love and square Jolly Rancher watermelon suckers!

You've been interrupted by the ramblings that ensued in Melanie's head from this week's

challenge check them out for your bout of random fun! You can now return to your regular programming.

Thursday, August 13, 2009


Now that I reminisce of the days gone past I've come to realize that we've been kindred spirits all along. I believe that if my soul were to reveal its true self it could most certainly be mistaken for your twin. Yes, kindred spirits in our thoughts; swirling in a conflicting chaos of calamity but somehow all coming to fruition in the end.

When asked what the attraction is I never really could explain it. Most thought it was for the same shallow reasons that others were attracted; good looks, symmetry or your ability to blend the good with the bad. Those are splendid qualities but I admired your exuberant sense of balance, diversity, and what one could consider to be a profound belief in life’s entertaining sense of humor.

You absorb all that life has to offer and you make it coexist, differences and all, in a sphere of wonder that seems to just revolve in fluid motion, like cogs in a well oiled machine. When you are around I feed off your effervescence yet I also experience the occasional expression of turmoil and anguish when necessary. You, the Yin and Yang, keep me in a state of wonder at how something that appears to be so simple is really so very complex.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Fantasy Leads to Tragedy


Blogophilia 23.2 Topic: Let Me Serve You
(hard bonus, 2 points): incorporate a festival only celebrated by women
(easy, 1 point): include there, their, and they're
Final day to post: August 10th midnight GMT.

Jack E. Fischerbakken was a simple man, or so most people thought. He went to work everyday and put just enough effort in to keep up appearances. He was a 9 to 5er, 5 days a week and dedicated to keeping the job. It was easy enough, paid the bills, and provided him with great benefits. What most didn’t know was that every weekend and vacation was spent at Voyeur Village. Yes, Jack was a kinky man… kinky beyond belief really. You wouldn’t guess by looking at him but the man had kink flowing through is veins. Porn was just not sufficient for him; he needed live entertainment of the freakish kind. Sometimes he’d just be the voyeur, as the name implies, but occasionally he fulfilled a freakish fetish or 2. Jack’s dream was to eventually retire and reside up at Voyeur Village. Over his years of visiting and participating he had become pretty close with the owners. They were an older couple with no kids or family really and they were beginning to think about selling so that they could retire to a nudist colony in Barbados. The Palmetto’s were definitely a couple that would die in the act of some kinky scene… they weren’t going down in their sleep!

It was Jack’s 2 week vacation and he was hoping that he could get the Palmetto’s to commit to selling the place to him. He’d been saving a little over the years and built up quite a nice down payment. He had also raked in a nice lump of money for the acting he had done in several fetishes over the years. He never really felt right spending that money since it never felt like work and gave him more pleasure than those watching, or so he thought. You could call Jack a lot of things but a prostitute was one thing he never wanted to be called so he put the money in investments with hopes of using it to buy the place some day. Jack was also excited about this vacation because he was going to play the part of the creepy, would be rapist, peeping in on a woman from the woods.

Jack was making his way up to Voyeur Village and decided to listen to the details of what he needed to do to fulfill his fetish job. He never really knew the voyeurs of the fetishes, most of them were blue collar workers just like him. They lived their lives keeping the kink locked up and then let it all hang lose when they were on their vacations or time off. Most of the scenes he participated in never involved one on one action of any kind with the voyeur but this one was a little more open. The woman wanted him to be a creepy peeping Tom, hiding out in the forest. She was going to notice him out there and at that point he was supposed to approach her. She wanted him to then improvise from that point on, taking her lead. He was quite intrigued by it all.

“No Sir, let me serve you.” Mickey Jagg said with a smile but all the while her insides cringed at the thought of dealing with one more customer. She never spit in the food or anything but she could totally see why some did! 15 more minutes and she was walking out on the job for good. She didn’t give a 2 week notice or anything, she just had her fill. She did joke with some and tell them she was going to leave town to begin her Teej. Her co-workers always figured she was a Hindu and that she had a family so over the years she just went with it. She figured that when she doesn’t show up for work on Monday they’d just think she was out on her Teej Festival, celebrating longevity for her family when really she’d be living out a long time fetish of hers.

Jack made it up to the village and got all settled in at his cabin. He made some arrangements for his fetish reenactment and then he headed out for dinner with the Palmettos. They usually had dinner together on the night he arrives and then breakfast the day he leaves. He liked to think of them as his fetish God parents since they played such a big role in that part of his life. Dinner went a little longer than usual because it seemed that the Palmettos had an agenda of their own this time. They were ready to sell and not only did they want him to buy, they were going to give it to him dirt cheap. In fact their words were “Jack, dirty deeds are done dirt cheap here at Voyeur Village and we’d like to see it stay that way. We’d like for you to take over the business as long as you agree to keep things cheap and allow us to keep part ownership in it.” Jack was surprised but he was definitely in. Mr. Palmetto went on to explain that they had been vacationing in Barbados for years now and made some investments in some mineral deposit mining groups that found soil that will keep them rich for a very long time. He had to giggle as he thought to himself “They’re truly going to fund the place with dirty money so the dirty deeds will indeed be dirt cheap!”

Mickey made it to Voyeur Village and settled in while she went over the details in her head. There would be a man out in the woods watching her from behind a tree. She’d seductively dance for a little while then go out onto the patio and notice him. At that point his instructions are to approach her and then the fun would start. Her plan was to get him to act out a murder with her, but she wasn’t really going to be acting. Mickey was brought up in a very religious group home. Her parents didn’t want kids and gave her up to the home so they could go off and live their fun and fancy free life. About 2 years ago, after many years of trying, she finally found out that the Palmettos were her birth parents. Bitter was not a good enough word to express how she felt towards them and she’d always had fantasies of killing someone so she was going to grant 2 fantasies in one weekend and then disappear by taking their spot in Barbados. Jack, well she figured it would be best for him to die also so that there were no witnesses to hold anything over her. The place, she’d burn it down. She’d been in touch with the people in Barbados over the years and got them to concoct the whole rich soil investment story. Really the money was just being invested to keep give her a nice nest egg to live off of and the people in Barbados were happy to go along with it.

This may or may not continue... I haven't quite decided:-)

Click here to read about the Teej

Story inspired by email shenanigans with some co-workers, who shall remain nameless but are somewhat incorporated within... they know how they are:-)

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Decision's Made


Blogophilia 22.2 Topic: You Make Me Want To Shout!
bonus points (hard, 2 points): incorporate a line from a country singer's song
(easy, 1 point): include 'give me three steps'
Final day to post: August 3rd midnight GMT.

Just give me three steps or else you’re out
I love you dearly there is no doubt.
With choices made you make me want to shout
you can’t win me over with your cute pout.

Have a little faith you’ll make it through
that is what constantly comes from you.
Your lack of dedication makes me blue
and you act as if you don’t have a clue.

I see through you with my xray vision
my intuition has that precision.
You need to make your final decision
or my foot and your butt ends in a collision.

I’m hot under the collar can’t you see?
You need to respond to make me happy.
Stay or go, either is fine with me.
Just make your decision already.

Come to think of it, decision is made.
You have just left me feeling betrayed.
I’m done living in this crazy charade.
I am turning you in for an upgrade!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Day at the Track

Blogophilia 21.2 Topic: Seasons in the Sun
bonus points
(hard, 2 points): incorporate a USP in your write (Unique Selling Proposition, i.e. 'melts in your mouth not in your hand')
(easy, 1 point) mention Donald Trump
Final day to post: July 27th midnight GMT.

“We had joy, we had fun, we had seasons in the sun” Remember that verse??

That was the song that played as we ate M&Ms at the race track. I was thinking it was a good thing that they melt in your mouth & not in your hands because it was a hot one! It would be awesome if I could say that I made out like Donald Trump on the race but sadly I can not! My hair on the other hand was sporting a much better style than his so for that I rejoice. I tried to pick a horse on a whim and picked Sugarsnap but I came to find out that I probably could have gotten down on that track and out galloped him. I was a little angry I admit, I even cursed him by saying that he should be given the march of death to the glue factory but I took that back quickly cause Karma… it sneaks up on ya every time! Needless to say I lost a good chunk of change on that filly, is that even the right term? Ever heard someone say you’re dead horsemeat?? Yeah, I felt like that was me because you see… I used a bookie to place my bet and lost so now I’m on the run. The collectors for the bookie are known as Bones, Thuggs, & Hard Money so me, being a little slow on the uptake, I thought they were a singing group until I officially met them. Yeah, they don’t sing but they sure can make a person sing in all the wrong ways! I was able to get them to give me a few days to get the green together but I missed that deadline, like a horse’s ass, so I’m now in hiding and hoping that they are the meat heads I think they are. If only I were a horse whisperer!

So, I did have some joy & fun (while I seasoned in the sun) but now I’m just wishing I had some Donald Trump like assets to get the bookie trio off my tale!

Friday, July 3, 2009

Sonnet of the Crazy

Blogophilia 18.2 Topic: Dance With Me
bonus points
(hard, 2 points): include a sonnet
(easy, 1 point): feature an imaginary friend
Final day to post: July 6th midnight GMT.

Come dance with me in the glorious mud,

while it’s gathering in my own back yard.

We’ll thank the heavens above for this flood

and don’t you worry, we will not be marred.

Together we will make a special blend.

You sane, me crazy, we can only win.

You may be imaginary my friend

but ignoring you would just be a sin.

We’ve been together for all of these years

and you’ve stuck with me through all the rough times.

So we dance tonight to release our fears

and get our groove on until the bell chimes.

Don’t’ be worried when you hear the racket

when they come to me with my straight jacket.


Sunday, June 28, 2009

Comedy Tonight???

Blogophilia 17.2 Topic: Comedy Tonight??
bonus points
(hard, 2 points): include a musical teen hearthrob or pop diva (past or present)
(easy, 1 point): use the words bread box, empty box
Final day to post: June 29th midnight GMT.

Ok, just back from Cancun & trying to make the timeframe goal here so this will be short & sweet. Smaller than a bread box but jam packed of effort cause no one likes empty boxes!!

You say you want comedy tonight??? Well then here is a little but not for those of you that may be easily offended. Warning, warning, please do not read any further if you are easily offended or find humor about the recently deceased distasteful!!!

So as most know by now we lost both Farah Fawcett & Michael Jackson. I heard this news while on vacation through many avenues. The news is quite sad but I deal with the sad by laughing & although it can prove to be quite awkward at times, it works for me & those around me so I hope it gives you a little chuckle.

So when a friend of mine was told that MJ died she responded by saying "The world has lost 2 great white women today!" Come on, you know it's a little funny!

On a serious note, R.I.P. Farah Fawcett… you fought the good fight & I’m so sad to see that you are being overshadowed right now! MJ, you will forever be an 80’s icon and someday you will be the first Celebrity Mr. Potato Head (even if only in my warped mind).

Ok, that's it... I hope those that stayed to read are ok with the dark joking here! My guess for the pic is All in the family, mullet, hair band.... that's about all I got there!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Always Keep Climbing

Blogophilia 16.2 Topic: Sheer Determination
bonus points
(hard, 2 points): write autobiographically - means just that, not simply adding the word autobiographically -
(easy, 1 point): Share a favorite line from a fairytale or nursery rhyme that became your mantra for life.
Final day to post: June 22nd midnight GMT.

It was sheer determination and a will to keep sane that kept my head above water last week. Sometimes it feels like life just gives me too much to handle and living then becomes a series of balancing acts. Deep inside I know that one can never be given more than they can handle but when I’m not reaching down deep there is that fear that I may just snap. I’m not an acrobatic performer by any means so I can only bend so far before I reach that point.

The saving grace to it all is that when I make it through the storm there are usually blue skies ahead. This week was my drying out period. I’m a firm believer that sometimes a good cry can definitely cleanse my soul. No big tears were shed this time around though so I just allowed myself to regain composure and a sense of well being. The upcoming week is my reward! Come Saturday I will find myself on an airplane and while I definitely will not be joining the mile high club I will be on my way to what I know will turn out to be an awesome week!

I’m on my way to Cancun folks! That’s right, sunny Me-he-co! I know some don’t think it’s safe and they fear the swine flu or whatever else but I’m planning to have good times with good friends and plenty margaritas! Yes, I’m climbing up the spout again to get back to normal living folks. My head will be where it’s supposed to be, high above the water. Well, when I’m not enjoying the ocean or the pool that is. When the storms come I can either curl up in a ball and hide or I can push through the pain to reap the rewards later. In this huge world I am the eencey weency spider who keeps fighting its way up the spout and let life try as it might but it’s never going to wash me out!

Eencey Weencey spider
Climbed up the water spout;
Down came the rain
And washed poor Eencey out;
Out came the sun
And dried up all the rain;
And the Eencey Weencey spider
Climbed up the spout again.

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