Sunday, August 31, 2008



Fragile one, handle with care
Always on my mind
My precious bubble of life

To me you were heaven sent
Sweet and innocent
Protected by the angels

I see you in other's eyes
Joy and happiness
Knowing that you are at peace




Visit me
While you are here
Whisper to me please
My beautiful fairy
Honor me with fairy dust
To ensure me tranquility
I will always cherish your visit
And let everyone know that you are real




Elegantly spatial
Appeasing, inviting, calming
Host to peaceful slumber
Sleep ends, day breaks
Glowing, energizing, stimulating
Illustriously cheerful




Needs assistance
To keep thriving
Lend it a hand



Dewy raindrops provide you slumber
Riding on a maple leaf
Ebony shadows outline the trail for you
All the while you sleep
Moonlight guides the path you're on
Each night as you float while
Reaching for your dreams

Dream to Escape

I entered a poetry contest at Cheryl's Pals' Creative Collab Corral, mainly cause the forms of poetry seemed rather fun, & I got an award for one!

Dream to Escape

Dream to escape
Schemes of color
River peaceful
Peaceful river
Color of schemes
Escape to Dream

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Ghosts of Technology

I think the ghost in the machine is toying with me
floating in cyberspace, my mind is wandering
Captured in a web of confusion, lines are crossed and tangled
They come crashing down all twisted and mangled
out of the back smoke curls and sparks shoot
I decide to catch a nap rather than reboot.

As I sleep the dreamweaver weaves
silently I slip into that world of make believe
I feel like I'm in the twilight zone
Sunday sunshine and ice cream cones,
with laughter, fun and childhood dreams
of woodland faires, honeysuckle pixies and moonbeams

Eyes transfixed, unmovable like super glue
Stuck in a state of not knowing what to do
Beautiful colors begin to blend
As the state of my mind begins to descend
My tears rain down like a tropical storm
Looking forward to escaping the norm

I kick off my shoes and dance to the beat
Feeling the rhythm in the soles of my feet
All the while dancing in my granny panties
as others look on questioning my sanity
giggling from my toes letting out all the laughter
knowing the monkey was guarding the cupcakes I'm after

Now I'm being tied down by the men in the white suits
I think the monkey and them are all in cahoots
I'm escorted to the funny farm, as if I'm crazy
That's quite ok, when I'm there I'll be lazy
While there I can find the garden gnomes
And recite to them all my clever poems

Half Geek part Guru living on Java and watching YuTube
Until I'm too hyped up and they put me in the cube
In there I'll swish my light saber with a drunken Yoda
He got drunk while I just sipped on a soda
I think back and wonder how I met him until…
I think I remember wasn't it on Blue Berry Hill?

Is there an echo in here or is it just me
Say that five times real fast, make a wish, and hit the command key
I wish to return to my home, sweet, home
But I'm cut off by a dang garden gnome
He says it's right where I am that I belong
Tormented by Technology, what else can go wrong

Some lines provided by Seeturtle, sheila A, LadySeda, Colleen B, Winters Child, Lady Oregon, Michelle K, Lawrence of Ukraine, the falcon, A-Rhodi, Glenn, Lady "Cheryl" Death.

This entry won me an award for poem of the week, wooooo hoooo...

Friday, August 29, 2008

Grape Nest


I want to escape

To my Moby Grape

Where there's no red tape

And my dreams take shape

The surroundings beguile

I might stay for awhile

I'll just relax in style

As my thoughts compile

Some think I'm crazy

Why leaves me hazy

Here I can be lazy

In a field full of daisies

Is Moby Grape a real place

Not one you can trace

It's in my head space

I choose to embrace

Sorry I've digressed

The point is I'm blessed

So I'd just suggest

That you find a grape nest


Wednesday, August 27, 2008



Green is the color
Of his silky skin
Beware of evil
Lurking around you
Infectious greed is
Never far behind

Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Gone crazy will be back soon
That's the motto of this loon

When is soon I do not know
I just jump in with the flow

Where it takes me I am free
Spinning thru a crazy spree

It's a laughing place of fun
And it's only just begun

With age comes more craziness
I love it I must confess

It's a place of toons and games
Where we make up silly names

We is me, myself and I
And one of us is a spy

We like to play hide and seek
But we always have to peek

None of us can get away
From each other there's no way

If we split and then go sane
It would be of great disdain

So we never ever split
Who? What, why? Shhhhh! No, stop. Quit!

Crazy is too fun you'll learn
Gone crazy.... I may return

Monday, August 25, 2008

Where 2 Roads Meet

Week 26 Topic: Where Two Roads Meet...
bonus points
(hard, 2 points): include one 'Oldies but Goodies song'
(easy, 1 point): reference Willy Wonka
Final day to post: Sept. 1st, midnight GMT.

Where the two roads meet
I do not know
But let's hope it's to
The chocolate show

Down in my Sweet
Home Alabama
Where I'm gonna see
My great-grandma

She does it all up
Willy Wonka style
And the chocolate
Flows like the river Nile

We like to travel
Through the leaves and trees
And pick up any
Garbage and litter we see

We both wear blue
And she carries me
Through the forest to
Our favorite tree

We tied a trash can
There with a blue rope
We check it often
People use it we hope

My great-grandma
Is the best ever
I will never forget
The good times, never.

Lights of Life

Around me life takes flight

Bringing magic to the night

Providing me a little light

As I muddle through my plight

The stars sparkle to and fro

The night breezes gently blow

Those around me cast their glow

Yet my spirits are rather low

I wonder what brought me here

And try not to shed a tear

All the reasons seem so unclear

Not getting through it is my fear

The lights of life will guide me though

They know exactly what to do

How they know I have no clue

Once they're done I'm no longer blue


Sunday, August 24, 2008



State of our soul
Eyes follow us to see
How we are treating eachother

Saturday, August 23, 2008


He went to the crossroads and sold his soul
In the middle of the night
Where terrors take hold and spirits creep
The moon is full and the stars are twinkling bright
Two Strangers begin to fall in love again

Your beauty pervades my every thought
You mesmerized me from the very star
Invoking the elements on this magical night
Rekindling dreams they thought fast asleep

My heart skipped a beat drawn in by your charms
We shouldn't do anything your gonna regret
Love may be patient but love is blind

You are pulling me under your spell completely
My addiction to you leaves me in a trance

Intoxicated and breathless they let passion begin
In rhapsody they sail beneath the moonlight
Making love in moonlight by the sea
Bound together where their hearts belong
Gleaming drops of crimson fall onto the floor
A bond is made that can't be severed
Darkness fades as sunshine breaths

The morning sun reflects off the drops of dew
Exposing secrets that for so long have gone untold
To seek what as yet remains untold
Are we really immortal or do our minds tell us lies
Let all the nothings fall away as you and I run away
Never worry about what comes our way
Whether it be sunshine or skies of grey
The past is the past live for today
I will be with you every step of the way
Tomorrow is another day

This was my first poem for a Collab group on MySpace. You take lines that people put out there & peice them together into a unique poem. This one was put together using lines by ~~ raiden, Margie, Michelle K, niKi Rok$ aka roKit QuEen, Joskibear, sheila A, barb, Colleen B, LadySeda, Winters Child, Munch, Lawrence of Ukraine, Naome, A-Rhodi, Cheryl, Expressions and last but not least Melanie.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Enjoying Insanity


I don't suffer from insanity
So there's no need to see a M.D.
What makes them more sane, their degree
Whatever, I say let me be me

It has it's ups and it has it's downs
There are even times when I see clowns
With rainbow hair and a smile, no frowns
And with them I skip around the town

On the down days I'm a little sad
Or I may even be very mad
For some reason I see things in plaid
Colors not clothes so for that I'm glad

Who wants to be normal, blah not me
Normal is boring don't you agree
I don't suffer from insanity
I enjoy every minute yessiree

Wednesday, August 20, 2008




Flights of whimsy

Where you can just be free

Allow yourself to imagine



Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Jabber Tales

Week 25 Topic: That was way too easy...
bonus points
(hard, 2 points): Include a line of poetry from 19th Century poet
(easy, 1 point): mention water balloons
Final day to post: Aug. 25th, midnight GMT

Hey dad ya ever heard of tha JabbaWockeeZ? Phil was at first startled by the outburst from his son but then thought that it was about time he was getting a little culture. "Yeah Jake, I've heard of it. I'm glad to see your taking an interest in that stuff." Jake was a little surprised because normally his dad gave him a hard time for watching too much T.V. and idolizing the street and hip-hop dancers. He figured that his dad should cut him a little slack since he was even beginning to like lyrical, classical, and jazz dancers… some of those choreographers were just wicked! "So Jake what did you want to know about Jabberwocky?" "Oh nuttin bout them, I already know all there is ta know cause I'm the numba 1 fan dude!!" "I wanted ta know if I can go ta tha show." Phil was a little perplexed, "The show you say?" "Yeah dad, there is a show and a bunch of my friends are goin so I wanted ta go too." Phil thought about it and figured that Jake was doing better in school, he'd been staying out of trouble, and he was asking to go to a poetry show… how could he say no to that? "Sure you can go, how much is it going to cost me?" "Nuttin, my friend gots an extra ticket and said I would just need ta buy pop or somethin." Jake thought for a minute and figured that was way too easy and he didn't want to risk it so he said "I can use my own bucks ta buy that stuff so it's all good." Phil was shocked once again; his little boy was growing up. "When is the show?" "It's tonight! John's dad said he would pick me up if it was ok." Phil agreed to let him go and said "Beware of the Jabberwocky, my son." "Oh, and be home right after!" Then he just walked off laughing to himself. Jake thought for a second to try to figure out what his dad meant but he was too excited for the show so he gave up and went to call John to give him the news.

When John and his dad pulled up Jake was jamming out listening to the Rob Dougan, from the Matrix soundtrack, on his iPod. He had the sound so high that he didn't hear the horn honking. The new Boss earphones that he got from his grandma for his birthday were the best present ever. He giggled to himself as he remembered what his grandma wrote in the card, she told him to have fun listening to his records on his record player. He didn't even know what a record or a record player was! John got frustrated and knew that his friend was always attached to the dang things so he brought some ammunition with him. Just as Jake was checking out what he was going to listen to next, he was beaned in the head and then he was dripping. "Wha tha….!!!" He cut himself off cause he didn't want his dad to overhear and change his mind on letting him go. He turned around and saw John and his dad laughing hysterically in the car. "Dude, what tha heck was that for?" John couldn't stop laughing so his dad apologized for him "Sorry Jake but we honked and you weren't hearing us so John got a little carried away." Their friendship began with water balloons 5 years. John was walking down the street just as he'd dropped a water balloon from the office building his dad worked in. Fate had him cross under just in time to be pegged square in the head. Phil felt bad because he knew John a little so he had run down to apologize and they became fast friends. Fast friends that continually ambushed each other with water balloons that is, it kept the friendship lively.

Phil got in the car and John finally got a hold of himself and stopped laughing. Phil got to thinking then and asked "Did you dudes work up this ambush wit my dad?" John said "No, why would I do that man… I just know when ta get ya good!" "Well he told me ta beware of tha Jabberwocky my son and I had no friggin clue what tha heck he was talkin bout til now." At this point John's dad busted out laughing and asked "Hey Phil, where exactly does your dad think you are going?" Phil said "What do ya mean? I told him I'm goin ta see the JabbaWockeeZ dude." "Well, I believe that he was quoting to you from a Lewis Carroll poem called Jabberwocky." Phil started laughing. "They actually got a poem called Jabberwocky?" "No wonder why my dad let me go so easily dude!" John's dad just shook his head. "You 2 should check out the poem sometime, you'd probably like it since it speaks in your language." They finally made it to the show. John's dad peeped in after a while to check out what all the hype was about this dance crew.

After that John thought to himself that he was going to make sure to look up the Lewis Carroll poem and make them read it on the way home after the show. He felt it would fit in with the evening quite nicely and smooth things over with Phil's dad once he found out what they really did tonight.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Electric Emotions

Electrical emotions flash above
On an warm and humid evening
Do they reflect feelings of love
Or is the passion felt deceiving

I often think you flirt with thunder
Enjoying it's loud melodic booms
While into the depths you plunder
And the emotions emitted consumes

At times you can be quite scary
and there are times I enjoy the show
But when lightening and thunder marry
I then know it's time for me to go


Friday, August 15, 2008

Music Survey ~~ Fun

I wasn't actually tagged cause the blogger was gracious enough not to be a tagger, but this one just looked too fun to pass up! I love me some music so I had to take up the offer to tag myself… I'm it

The rules of the tag are:

1. Choose a singer/band

2. Answer using ONLY titles of songs by THAT singer/band

3. Tag six more people to do the same (I'm following the queue of the fellow friend & not tagging anyone but feel free to tag yourself if you'd like to play).

My choice is Aerosmith. I'm sure everyone knows who they are… if not then where have ya been???

Here are the questions:

1. Are you male or female?

Rag Doll, Girl Keeps Coming Apart.

2. Describe yourself.

Under my Skin… Outta Your Head, Spaced, Crazy. Devil's Got a New Disguise

3. What do people feel when they're around you?

Beyond Beautiful, Sweet Emotion, Amazing, Sunshine, Walk On Water…. Dream On

4. How would you describe your previous relationship?

Young Lust. The Other Side? Cryin'… Heart's Done Time.

5. Describe your current relationship?

Boogie Man, Gotta Luv It!! F.I.N.E. Walk On Down

6. Where would you want to be right now?

Remember (Walking in the Sand)…. St. John, Permanent Vacation!

7. How do you feel about love?

Jaded, Luv Lies, Hole in My Soul, Monkey on my Back Line Up, Pandora's Box, I'm Down

8. What's your life like?

Livin' On the Edge…. Get a Grip, Same Old Song and Dance!

9. What would you ask for if you only had one wish?

Fly Away from Here, Trip Hoppin'!!

10. Say something wise.

Falling In Love (Is Hard on the Knees) Mama Kin. What it Takes? Magic Touch, Love in an Elevator! Walk this Way Hoodoo/Voodoo Medicine Man, Lick and a Promise, Just Push Play. Don't Want to Miss a Thing

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Passing Eyes


Too many eyes looking to me

Driving me to insanity

Being pulled in all directions

Not really making connections

My insides seem to churn away

Causing me feelings of dismay

Sleeping allows me a release

A time to find some inner peace

If all the eyes decide to part

Morning may allow a fresh start


Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Lint For Brains

Week 24 Topic: The Murky Depths Below...
bonus points
(hard, 2 points): Include a Haiku
(easy, 1 point): mention dryer lint
Final day to post: Aug. 18th, midnight GMT.

Lately I've just been too tired and too much is getting to me. I noticed that when you are tired it's a lot harder to keep on the positive tip and not be affected so much by the daily grind. Dealing with work, life in general, and all the extra curricular stuff is really beginning to make my brain feel like dryer lint.

Some dryer lint is pretty friendly looking, all soft and fluffy, but that's not the type that my brain is morphing to. There is the stuff that you've pulled fresh from the lint trap and usually there are little escape artists that span off from that. My brain is morphing to the pieces that escape from that nice fuzzy bunch and fall, only to gather in the murky depths below.

My washer and dryer are in the basement and it's pretty murky down there, you don't want to be there longer than necessary. It's not the best place in the house to hang out with your family, to have a nice cozy dinner for 2, or even to sneak in a sundae treat. However, in the winter time it could almost pass for an alternate place to store ice cream… to bad I'm not hankering for a waffle bowl sundae too often in the winter!!

I do like some ice cream though; in fact I'd like a little right about now. I'll have to work on that, maybe it will help freeze the morphing brain... that and some sleep will definitely help I'm almost positive. Now that I'm in the mood for some frozen delights I feel the need to spin a little ditty…

A sundae for 2

You feed me and I feed you

The cherry is mine

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Life's Path

My life path seems to be set for me
But I'm drawn to those outside you see
They appeal to a deeper part of me
At those times when I just want to be free

The realms outside the path seem to shine
Like I'm missing something quite divine
My path can benefit from that shine
If and when I choose to intertwine

The path is guided and very safe
Going against it could cause some chafe
But yet I'm drawn to what seems unsafe
And refuse to sit back like a waif

So as I travel sometimes I stray
It makes life more interesting that way
But I'm never really led astray
There's just an adventure everyday


Sunday, August 10, 2008

Defeating Monsters


When lights are out, it's monster that I fear.

Since no one is around, they just appear.

If dad comes in they are no where in sight.

He can not rid my fears, try as he might.

Mom once let me use a little night light

But they just unplugged it, bringing back night.

I lie wide awake, their movement I hear.

I remain really still and they just lear.

Sometimes I have to look under the bed

Cause I try to leave treats so they are fed.

If they are full then they may not eat me.

It's a pretty good plan, don't you agree?

I wish that they'd leave and just let me be,

I'd then be full of so much joy and glee.

But they keep coming so I used my head,

Pointed a flashlight in their eyes instead.

Monsters do not like the light I found out,

Direct hit in their eyes and they just shout.

With this discovery I can now sleep

And the monsters, they just stand by and weep.

They continue to come around and creep

But they fear the flashlights there in a heap.

The creepy dudes just stand around and pout

So soon they will leave me for good, no doubt


Saturday, August 9, 2008

Perversely Loving You

I came across this picture and it inspired met to jot this ditty, not out of my own experience however. I've been lucky enough not to have to deal with these types of things but I have heard other's stories and I have many a Lifetime movie under my belt so that is where I've drawn the words from.

You always said that you loved me.
That you could never live without me
But that only left me fearing you
And somehow perversely loving you.

Your angry words hurt, all would agree.
Your hands, they leave marks that all can see.
I'd like to say that we're done, we're through,
How to escape I just have no clue.

You've taken away my sense of pride,
From everyone I know I just hide.
Your loving me is ruining my life.
The love I felt is replaced with strife.

You said you'd never hurt me, you lied!
I'm left feeling like my heart has died.
All these years I've been like a housewife,
I'll warn you that I'm good with a knife.

You could never live without me? Great!
I'm making dinner, don't be too late.
You showed up and you were so polite.
We did both have such a pleasant night.

You called it a night, I planned instead
And while you slept I cut off your head.
Don't worry, I was sad and I cried.
Now I'm safe and you're still by my side.

Friday, August 8, 2008


You would have my utmost gratitude

If you could please just stop and let me be

I really don't mean to be so rude

But I don't like your negativity

I try to help you understand my view

But you do not take the time to listen

I really feel you do not have a clue

And those I provided you are missing

Some day you may come to understand

What it is I've been trying to say

Cutting you out is not what I had planned

But for redemption it's the only way


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