Monday, June 30, 2008

I'm Coming Out

I'm not always seen or heard

so I just sit back and observe

It may seem dark & dreary

and it makes some people leery

But the things I see and learn

make me anxious to take my turn

I no longer want too sit & watch

I want to live but without a botch

It's time to come out from behind my fence

It's time to live in the present tense

Shed the past and embrace the now

say hi to the world and take my bow

Now it is time to be heard and seen

make those that were leery a little green

I no longer want to just peek & view

it is just time for something new.


Tea For Two

The ocean waves are calming,
sand is cool between my toes.
For now it's just me walking
enjoying being on my own.

I'm usually a few steps behind
until one appears to stop and wait.
It is then that I will be uncovered,
and my soul will open up to fate.

Once opened up the love will flow
from me to them with no regret.
We will enjoy the warmth of our glow
and give cheers to the day we met.


Sunday, June 29, 2008


Here I lie in the tall green field
While I gaze into the blue sky
I see the spirit forms congealed
And wonder why people must die
I dream of people I have known
The clouds they glide and change form
Since I've been here the grass has grown
I feel it's all outside the norm
Sunday marked another friend lost
Relaxation is promised here
Your heart begins to feel the frost
From losing someone that is dear
The beacon light reveals the soul
Love will guide you, the pain will cease
The mourning will start to take toll
Realize then they rest in peace

Saturday, June 28, 2008

In Memory Of...

To say that a person died sounds so crass but passing just doesn't really sound right either. What can you really say that doesn't just sound plain cheesy?? All I can really say is that the world is down one helluva a woman as of Sunday night (6/21/2008).

There are very few people on the planet that make the sort of impact that she made in her lifetime. There isn't one person that has anything bad to say about her & it's not just because of the fact that she is no longer with us. She was the sort of person that made time to get to know everyone that she met well enough so that the next time you saw her you just felt like you were great friends catching up. As another person said, she would make you feel like you were her favorite person while you were with her but you'd then see her with someone else & find that it was just how she treated everyone!

Yes, this world of ours is down one less genuinely, marvelous woman. One less in a world that is already running pretty short in people of her magnitude! I only really knew her through working with her but she made an impact on me in many ways and I will be just one of the many in our department, & in the world, that will miss her open ears, kind words, her thoughtful nature and her warm & genuine smile! Those of us who knew her will definitly miss her but I believe that those that didn't know her have missed out on the rare opportunity of getting to know a pretty magnificent person!

I will always & forever have her in mind when I try to continue to be the person that she inspired me to be.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Smoking, Fishing & Jamaica

For a few years there I was hitting the Jamaica scene at least once a year. These past 2 years there has been no trip cause funds have been allocated elsewhere. I hate how that happens, bills always sneaking up on a person!! I was thinking about it today though because of the fact of the day bringing back some memories. It said:

Smokers have 10 times more wrinkles than non-smokers, or they wrinkle 10 times faster (sorry, I passed it too quickly).

How does that remind one of Jamaica you may ask... or you may not but I'm gonna tell ya anyways cause it's not really what you think it may be:-)

I think of good times... sun, sand, beaches, drinks, music, friends, my Jamaican family, living the life, & let us not forget the beach crawlers. Beach crawlers, as the name may lead you to believe, aren't necessarily good times but it all depends on how far you can get with the joking before they actually have the nerve to be offended. They are those that are trying to hook in the sweet, innocent tourists that we are (or pretend to be) or they just want to sell you other things or services, of a non-sexual persuasion (you hope). Most of the time when the crawlers cast your way you can ignore them, accept what they are offering, or have a little fun:-) I prefer the fun bantering with them when you get the right one that will catch on & banter right along with you. Those are the keepers; you know the big, juicy ones that you can recast out to bring you in a good catch when you need it. Yeah, minds outta the gutters... I'm talking connections for good rates on the real clean, touristy things that one may be inclined to partake in! They get the gist cause the next time you see them the only selling they are doing is whatever you asked them about the last time you saw them. They are human though so of course they will try to offer other things here & there but they know how it works & that you are bantering pals only. Anyways, on more than one occasion they'd throw out the line about knowing that I'm not a smoker cause I don't have the "smokers" wrinkles. Of course I know that it's a fact that smokers age faster but at the time I just figure it's some line they use to hook you in. So, to make a short story long, as I so often do, that's how the fact reminded me of good old Jamaica. I wish I were there now. The hot weather is so much better with the sunny, sandy, ocean as your back drop, a little Reggae music, a nice fruity, slushy, alcohol concoction, and a few great friends that make you laugh... yeah, those are the things that great times are made of!

Drinks On The Beach

Friday, June 6, 2008

Twisted But Fun

My word for today is Schadenfreude. Not only does it just sound great, it's basically used for the enjoyment of other's misfortune. Now I know it's not a nice word in that respect but, come on we are all a little guilty of it now & then. The American culture thrives off of the emotional &/or physical pain of others. Why else do things like reality TV and movies like Jackass do so well??

Schadenfreude breaks down as such:

Schaden - damage & freude - joy

Yes, it's a little twisted & can be pretty heartless at times but that all depends on the person. Most people are pretty good at heart and it's all in fun. This is the one word that I remember most from my highschool years. I took German for 4 years & Herr Geissenhoff was a living example of Schadenfreude. Come to think of it, teenagers are a whole other example of Schadenfreude! Most of them are more on the twisted side of the meaning than the fun side though. Regardless of how others view it, I for one love and embrace the word for it's twisted but fun side!

LJ AvenueQ (mine)

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Super Silly Me

Do you ever just look at a word & think it should mean one thing but you find out that it means something totally different? I have that problem sometimes & even have a hard time getting my brain to agree with the real meaning so I will use it incorrectly on purpose:-) I have that issue with the word 'supercilious'. I was talking about some crazy work related thing today & I just wanted to say that it was all supercilious. My meaning of it however would have been similar to crazy, unnecessary, or just plain stupid. That's not even remotely close to what it really means though so I had to hold myself back, since I was talking to the boss & she most likely knows what it really means. I can't allow her to feel like she is supercilious because she thinks I have no clue what I'm talking about now can I:-)

I hear the word & I think it should be something fun. I mean come on, it may not be spelled the same but 'silly' is in the word for crying out loud. It also reminds me of one of those words that could be in Jeff Foxworthy's redneck dictionary or something. It could say something like:

Supercilious [super~silly~us] - usage:

We wuz ova yonda in them thar fields & we wuzza gonna tip us sum cows. Supercilious, we wuz standin in sum cowpie & it wuz us that tipped instead!

See, it's fun! The redneck version or my version I can understand but I just don't think the real definition does the word justice. Here are some of the real definitions of the word:

1) contemptuously indifferent: full of contempt and arrogance
2) showing haughty superiority over someone else
3) characterized by or expressive of contempt
4) having an air of contemptuous superiority
5) behaving as if or showing that you think that you are better than other people, and that their opinions, beliefs or ideas are not important

Way different than either of my versions, it's not really fun at all. This is one that I have to watch myself with cause used incorrectly I could be asking for a little trouble. Come to think of it maybe it could be fun using it correctly afterall.... sarcastically or in a joking manner only of course:-)

fun fun fun friend

Monday, June 2, 2008

Words... Better Than Chocolate

Nerd AlertMy job requires me to type a whole lot of emails for a lot of different reasons. I have been putting together some emails to document some procedures that need to be followed for a project & I had to reread those today, cause I do tend to ramble. Rambling isn't my only issue, my mind also tends to wander as I do things sometimes so today I was having a hard time focusing. All of a sudden I came across a word that I chose to use & discovered that I really liked it... the word... not sure why, it just pinged that part of the brain that causes a little joy:-) So, today I'm reading the did you know fact & discovered that the word will work quite well with it. The fact is about chocolate and I'm not a big fan but most are so I thought I'd share that & get a little use of my good word for today also. Here is the fact:

Every second there are 418 Kit Kat fingers eaten in the world.

That may not be too interesting but what I found fun was that because a second is so short, that would mean that some of the 418 fingers would have to be eaten simultaneously.

So there it is, my good word for today! You know you like it too, you have to admit that it's a great word.

Regardless of how you feel about the word, I discovered something new today.
Discarding the Kit Kat fact, the better thing discovered is that I'm a word nerd and I'm ok with that, wooooo hoooooo!
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