Sunday, March 2, 2008



As we pass around the tequila shots and lime
my blurred vision and speech remind me it’s quitting time.
Sometimes it’s such a tangled web that we weave
as I begin to spin it’s my own thoughts that deceive.

I will if you will is whispered in song nearby
it rocks me into the land of zzz’s like a sweet lullaby.
The dream master appears much to my surprise
and assists me while I change into my Cat Woman disguise.

I’m transported to a forest of tales to be told
shivering in the frigid January cold.
I’m comforted by peace yet haunted by fears
I’m surrounded by memories from all of my years.

While shielded in warmth it’s my past I critique
I no longer feel trapped in a dream of hide and seek.
As things get good I’m chased out of my deep sleep
by the annoying alarm going beep, beep, beep.

I notice the widow being pelted by sleet
and I’m no longer frozen in tracks, I’m here to compete.

Special thanks to Colleen, Barbara, Lady ‘Cheryl’ Death, Angel, and Linda C who help provide me with the inspiration to finally get some words to go with the awesome pic I’ve been holding onto!
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