Saturday, November 1, 2008

Zombie Love

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Fire crackling nice and warm
as kindling ashes begin to swarm.
Wearing nothing but a lacy thong
I dance around to Bang the Gong.

The time is now; I can feel it in the air,
to make you mine with a strand of your hair.
I've loved a zombie for far too long
this human making potion can't go wrong.

Captured by a spell that you wove so well
I was in your grasp and traveled straight to hell.
Your desire to stay was much too strong
but I just knew that I didn't belong.

The demons of hell were after my soul
and I wasn't ready to give up control.
Singing "wippy kai ehhh" and ringing a bell
I was ejected from the depths of hell.

With fairy dust and the feather of a quail
my potion will be ready and it can not fail.
On your next visit you'll sit in this chair
you'll drink the potion and your love you'll declare.

After you drink you'll think I'm really cute
I'll pretend not to care as you're in pursuit.
In a blink of an eye you'll begin to transform
then here with me you'll stay as you reform.

Special thanks to my fellow potion makers; Lady "Cheryl" Death, Lady Oregon, Insatiable Jewel, maryclara, max, the falcon, Colleen, LadySeda & sheila A.

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