Saturday, November 29, 2008

Naked Snow Angels


Snowflakes swirling in the air
snow angels made without a care.
Doing it naked on a double dare
while people stop by to giggle and stare.

Eventually the body goes numb,
I begin to think this challenge was dumb
so now I wish that sun would just come
I'm dreaming of heat, gotta get me some.

I'm tossed a blanket, so fuzzy and warm.
Kindness from strangers, not always the norm.
I feel the heat inside begin to swarm
away goes the blanket as I resume to perform.

Special mention to those that provided the blanket of words ~~ Lady "Cheryl" Death, Mrs. K & Karen-Tales.

Check out Cheryl's Pals Creative Collab Corral for more snow filled antics.

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