Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Inner Crazy

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Things go in and spin around
sometimes making my head pound.
Necessary info can't be found
because it ends up in a big mound.

The inner files are a big mess.
I hate to file I must confess.
When info is needed I just guess
and jump in the piles like leaves at recess.

I figured my inner voice could assist
so I quickly thought up a task list
but the inner voice just booed and hissed
and when I threatened showed me its fist.

Nowhere fast, that's where I got,
left in this discombobulated spot.
My inner voice didn't give a squat,
so it devised its own devious plot.

Now a days my memory is hazy
my inner voice has just driven me crazy.
It's either that or I'm just plain lazy.
Damn inner voice, should be writing for Scorsese!

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