Saturday, November 22, 2008

Fairy Tale Dreams


Dreaming on the tips of a fairy tale star

wondering why you had to go so far.

You feel my tears drifting down from the sky

so you come for a visit, what a great guy.

Kissing each tear until they're all dry

moments like this are in such short supply.

On this hot and steamy moonlit night

everything just seems so right.

From mango passion to cherries delight

soaring on passion till we lose sight.

This fairy tale love springs to real life

suddenly we feel like husband and wife.

No more pain that cuts like a knife

no longer have feelings of anger and strife.

We blow out the last star and all goes dark

tomorrow it's a new life that we will embark.


My fellow fairy tale sprites ~~ LadySeda, Wizard of Awwwwws, Katie, Lady "Cheryl" Death, Expressions, Margie & Spirit Wild.

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