Monday, November 3, 2008

Dr. Mel

Week 36 Topic: Tell Me Your Story
bonus points
(hard, 2 points): use the word precocious
(easy, 1 point): mention a roller coaster
Final day to post: Nov. 10th, midnight GMT.

I'm not exactly sure what it is but there is something about me that says "Tell me your story" to those that I know and even to those that I don't know sometimes. I am the shy and quiet type so maybe it's the fact that I don't talk much that makes people think I'd be a good listener. I often joke that I'm in the wrong line of business.

I'm not sure how those in the field deal with it all cause it can be quite the emotional roller coaster. I am all for being a people observer but I tend to avoid chaos and drama whenever possible, unless it is of the television show variety that is. Lord knows I got enough of that in my family while growing up but I guess it allowed for me to be sort of a precocious child. As an adult I'm laid back, open minded, I try very hard not to be judge mental and I'm usually trying to be the peace keeper in a group. I much rather everyone gets along, life is just too short for people to fight and argue and it just makes me uncomfortable. It's also a waste for people to judge others for the choices they make in life because who ever really knows that they wouldn't make the same, if not worse, decisions when put in the same positions. Yeah, maybe it's because I keep all that in mind on a daily basis that I seem to have a year round pass to the emotional roller coaster of life.

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The problem sometimes becomes that I go from being a listener to trying to be a problem solver for those that are really close to me. For the most part I try not to do that because I figure most people really just want someone to listen. Regardless it becomes a little stressful and then I just want to hop off the ride and hide out for a while. It would be great if I could just get my wanna be hypnotist on and say "Look into my eyes" and that would be that, problem solved... but I don't really want to be a hypnotist LOL!

The weird thing is that I don't really talk to anyone about my own issues. It's like I'm experiencing technical difficulties when it comes to sharing. Sometimes I just feel like my issues kind of petty compared to other people's problems. Instead I use other venues to get through it; like writing, watching Tv, listening to music, going to movies or being entranced by the internet (to which I sometimes need to say "step away from the computer!"). I can get a little stir crazy at times but what doesn't kill you only makes you stronger… or strangerJ

I have to admit that it has provided me with insight in life. I've come to realize that life and poeple are not black and white, there are all sorts of shades of grey and the shade just depends on the person. No one view is the only view, you can learn a little something from all views whether you yourself agree with it or not. I could go on and on with lessons learned but I'll just say that it all makes me appreciate life for what it is and helps me focus on the positive rather than the negative. It makes a big difference in your emotional state let me tell ya... that and laughter, you can never have too much laughter in life!

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