Wednesday, October 15, 2008

An Unendangered Encounter

Week 33 Topic: You Shouldn't Have Done That ...
bonus points
(hard, 2 points): Incorporate a nosy neighbor.
(easy, 1 point): Include a famous movie quote.

Final day to post: Oct. 20th, midnight GMT.

Eating a fresh, warm bear claw
on a morning walk through the zoo
I had a moment of shock and awe
because of what came into my view.

The American Black Bear escaped,
for what purpose is unknown,
and on a big rock he now was draped,
fast asleep and all alone.

I took a chance and got up real close
then thought "You shouldn't have done that"
for he began to wiggle his nose
and prepare himself for combat.

He lazily opened his left eye
and let out a big ol' groan.
He saw me standing there near by
and heard me begin to moan.

There was no attack coming my way
he just said "Stupid is as stupid does."
I was confused and began to pray
while my every nerve began to buzz.

He looked a little like Smokey the Bear
although he was sleeping on the job
then he turned to me and gave me a glare
and I just started to sob.

He called me a nosey neighbor
and sounded a little irate.
Then he began to implore
that I just let him hibernate.

Surprised I gave him a big bear hug
And wished him a restful snooze
He felt a little like the bear skin rug
At the bar where I'd be drinking some booze!



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