Sunday, October 19, 2008

The Sign

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In the sprinkling stardust
and the light of the moon
two lovers dance to the
sound of their heart beat's tune.

The night creatures join in
lending their musical talents
no need for a violin
for tonight's exclusive events.

The grass sways in the breeze
like a conductor leading the group.
The cricket's expertise
makes them sound like an organized troop.

Above a shooting comet appears,
the closer it comes the smaller it gets.
Which helps to placate all of their fears,
as they go through their lifetime's regrets.

Both happier than they've ever been,
unable to list regrets of their past.
They felt that much to their chagrin
their love just could not be surpassed.

In the sprinkling stardust
And the light of the moon
two lovers decide to marry
while the universe swoons.

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