Saturday, October 11, 2008

My First Wet Kiss


It all took place in tropical bliss
A special one of a kind first kiss
I thought it may be slimy and wet
But surely one I'd never forget

On a Caribbean cruise with great friends
All sorts of fun that you hope never ends
We joined an excursion and took the chance
To join the exotic in their water dance

Some black some grey, all silky and slick
Hold out some squid and they'd suck it up quick
Friendly and curious just like we were
Excited and free, gliding by in a blur

After some time they became more calm
And I had just put on my lip balm
What came next doesn't happen everyday
I was kissed by a great big sting ray


Not much of what I write about is true, or even partially true, but this one is! That's me in the pic & the pic was taken by a friend while we were swimming with the Sting Rays.

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