Friday, October 10, 2008


Mirrors avoided for what is seen.
you'd think it would be skin that is green,
but that's only a warning for others
of evil inside that boils and smothers.

Innocence eaten up by anger held
inside the soul where it sat and dwelled.
Slowly working its way through the layers
as a warning to others to say their prayers.

Mirrors reflect that scaled evil inside,
lures it out from where it likes to hide.
Vanity being one of its vices
succumbing no matter what the price is.

It slithers and coils each day as it feeds
from the anger felt and the evil deeds.
Most do avoid being eaten alive
letting go of it all so they can survive.

Take note and listen to the tale told here
or it won't be only mirrors you fear.
If you don't avoid keeping it all in
the snake will grow and you'll harvest green skin.


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