Monday, October 13, 2008

Fork In The Road

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It's common to play the what ifs
I veered to the left rather than right.
Would I have climbed the same cliffs?
Would I have found my shining Knight?

For me it was 8 years ago this week
that I thought back and began to wonder.
What life would be if I did make a tweak,
would what I had now be torn asunder?

I had regrets, yes there were many
but there was also good that came my way.
There were twists and turns a plenty
but not too many to lead me astray.

I was dealt a blow that rocked my world
and I was left with choices to make.
Thoughts and images in my head swirled
brink of depression or in life partake.

Again I came to a fork in my road
and all the choices were up to me.
I knew seeds of my past had been sowed
and there was some emotional debris.

I think back now to the road that I chose
and I no longer have any question.
Which way is the right way? Nobody knows.
It's all in your hands, left to your discretion.

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