Saturday, October 18, 2008

Forever Free

By:..alyn Pictures, Images and Photos

The rain washes away my sorrow until I feel free
Then the sunshine unfolds its mystery to me

The dawn of a new day allows the past to retreat
And opens the path for the future to greet

Enjoy each day fully, they will end soon
Seize the sunlight and reign in the moon

A shower of stardust will send down some love
Sparkling like fireflies on a hot evening in June

The evening sky becomes a canvas above
Where twinkling stars dance to the crickets tune

My soul skyward bound on wings of a dove
Without any regrets to speak thereof

An eternal future I serenely meet
With love and acceptance, I'm now complete

The ethereal scenes I can't wait to see
While resting beneath angels wings, forever free

Those that assisted with my journey ~ Seeturtle, Lady "Cheryl" Death, The Green Goddess, Michelle K, Colleen B, BreeZy B, Wyn

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