Thursday, October 16, 2008

Death of TV

Drawn in and addicted to your screen
Times apart are few and far between
The thought of time lost is quite obscene
And so is the junk food filled cuisine

Life outside continues to thrive
Inside you wait for me to arrive
Each week a schedule I must contrive
Without you I fear I would not survive

Packed in your box are my drugs of choice
I always love the sound of your voice
When fall appears I sit back and rejoice
The couch becomes my luxury Rolls Royce

Sometimes I feel you slipping away
My life would then be in disarray
For if your screen would no longer display
I would end up in a state of decay

No longer able to partake and OD
On the daily doses from my TV
I'd then have to find life outside you see
And I'd realize you sucked the life from me

I'd have to leave my desert like oasis
And learn to enjoy some outside places
Reabsorb life and friendly faces
It will be this life my soul then embraces


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