Saturday, October 25, 2008

A Bee Symphony

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Serenaded by a chorus of bumblebees
while whispering winds echo through the trees.
I begin to join in on the symphony
which makes them angry cause I'm slightly off key.

They spell out STOP in a bumblebee marquee
as they continue to harmonize their buzzing plea.

Does everyone hear it or is it just meant for me?
To end my confusion they make a decree
and aim their stingers at the perfect degree
while one after another stings me in my knee.

Feeling a little embarrassed I flee,
running from the bumblebees' stinging spree.

In the future, to keep peace and harmony,
there will be no more singing I guarantee.
I'll be a silent observer of the jubilee
camouflaged as one of them for my own safety.

Special thanks to my buzzy helpers, Insatiable Jewel, Colleen,Lady "Cheryl" Death & the falcon

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