Friday, October 31, 2008

Breaking Free+

Waking up to another day
alive but barely living.

An invitation to the soiree
of life,
but when extended misgiving.

Feeling stuck inside this shell
wanting badly to rebel
letting out my final yell
of an overdue farewell.

Breaking out of a self made prison
new life choices lie ahead.

The inner self now has risen
seeking a fulfilling life instead.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Passion & Pleasure

Week 35 Topic: A Passion Too Great to Control
bonus points
(hard, 2 points): mention a guilty pleasure
(easy, 1 point): include dust mites

Final day to post: Nov. 3rd, midnight GMT.

A passion too great to control
is present inside my soul.
What it is exactly I do not know
but deep inside it continues to grow.

In the future it will come out,
in that I really have no doubt.
Until then there are moments I treasure
while immersing in a guilty pleasure.

Someday passion and pleasure will co-exist
because any passion can not be dismissed.
Enjoyment of life will be brought to new heights.
Nothing will be left behind for the dust mites.



Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Happy Halloween


is fast approaching.
Ghouls and ghosts
will be encroaching.

Little kids
dressed up in costumes,
while zombies
are escaping tombs.

Beware of
the trick or treaters.
The vampires
like blood in liters.

Some werewolves
will take warm raw meat
as the kids
sing of smelly feet.

to tell them apart,
it's too late
if they steal your heart.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

A Bee Symphony

bumble bee Pictures, Images and Photos

Serenaded by a chorus of bumblebees
while whispering winds echo through the trees.
I begin to join in on the symphony
which makes them angry cause I'm slightly off key.

They spell out STOP in a bumblebee marquee
as they continue to harmonize their buzzing plea.

Does everyone hear it or is it just meant for me?
To end my confusion they make a decree
and aim their stingers at the perfect degree
while one after another stings me in my knee.

Feeling a little embarrassed I flee,
running from the bumblebees' stinging spree.

In the future, to keep peace and harmony,
there will be no more singing I guarantee.
I'll be a silent observer of the jubilee
camouflaged as one of them for my own safety.

Special thanks to my buzzy helpers, Insatiable Jewel, Colleen,Lady "Cheryl" Death & the falcon

Haiku Fun


Sitting here at work
Thinking about happy hour
Thank God it's Friday!


Let the anger out
Don't keep it locked up inside

It will take over


Good morning alarm clock Pictures, Images and Photos

You look innocent

But in the morning you scream

Sorry, I got scared


Shining down on you
While you chirp your happy tune
Music in the night

Kiss Frog Pictures, Images and Photos

Fabulous green frogs
Croaking on their lily pads
One could be your prince


Thursday, October 23, 2008

Haunting Dance


It's a night of haunting fun
be sure that you're prepared to run.
It's fun for all the ghouls and ghosts
cause haunting is what they love most.

They'll screech and scream,
they'll hoot and holler,
they'll plot and scheme,
as they rise from their squalor.

They are out for revenge and scares
so be aware and say your prayers.
Don't let them catch you all alone
that's just something I would not condone.

They like to sneak
before they attack.
Around corners they peak
so just watch your back.

If you must be out then just be aware
directly into their eyes do not stare
for once they have you in their trance
you'll be stuck in their haunting dance.

Burn After Reading

Week 34 Topic: Selfish indulgence...
bonus points
(hard, 2 points): Use the stage of a theater, one way or another.
(easy, 1 point): Use two metaphors.

Final day to post: Oct. 27th, midnight GMT.

I was going through my old hotmail account to clean it out. I figured that I no longer use it so I should go through to see if there was anything I wanted to keep so I could get it transferred and then delete the rest. Well, I came across a few emails that I thought may be a little interesting to blog about, or to go off on a tangent about, however you want to look at it.

The first one posed the question "Do you ever think it would be cool to have some sort of magical or super power?" I think just about everyone has been asked that but I just can't ever think what I'd want mine to be. Deep down inside though I think I harbor a teeny, tiny pyromaniac so maybe I'd enjoy having the gift of fire. I wouldn't become the Firestarter or anything; I just like to watch the flames in a nice controlled environment. A flaming fireplace or campfire is perfect combustion chamber but I do like to burn the occasional straw to watch it melt also, it's just a teeny tiny pyro I tell ya. It would be sort of cool though to be able to toss out fireballs from my hands like they were flamethrowers or something. They'd have to be special fireballs that wouldn't really burn much though cause I'd feel bad for starting any major fires. Maybe the art of spontaneous combustion would be better, that's nice and contained right??

The next email that caught my attention was regarding a stage production of The Moonshine Hotbox, at the Orpheum Theater. My main indulgence in life is movies and music! I could be dirt poor and still find some way to squeeze out enough money to catch a flick or buy a new DVD or CD… or download new tunes off iTunes. I could open my own video store but I don't really want to share them cause they may get all scratched up or never be returned and I just don't want to risk that so I keep them to myself. You can call me selfish but unless I know you very well, chances are you will not get to borrow them…. you can pay me a visit and watch them with me though. Oh, that reminds me, I love TV also and will spend every waking hour watching it if I can but I still can't catch everything and there is a show called Burn Notice that is on the list of what I missed so I'll need to add that to my Netflix list so I can catch it when it hits DVD. Ok, sorry about that… back to the on topic rant. Yeah, love me some movies and music but I do enjoy the occasional live production also so I used to get all the notices of the upcoming shows. I didn't go see this one but it took place in the 20s or 30s and was about a sting that was taking place to bring down some people making moonshine during the alcohol prohibition days. The hotbox, which is a slang term for an informant, was a scorned member of the biggest family of moonshine makers. His family invented the firebox, which is a construction used to conceal flames while the moonshine is being made. It became very popular and widely used among the trade so they were pretty wealthy from that… not to mention they had the best moonshine in them thar parts.

The last one that was worthy of mention started with "Are you drowing in money?" Wouldn't it be pretty awesome if I were?? I can just see it now... (dream sequence).

Big pool filled with money,
me a swimmer with no swimming skills
and no life jacket
but more than happy to jump right in
and drown in the piles of dirty, paper, bliss.
Sounds so tempting when put that way right???
NOT! **pinch** Ouch! Sorry, back to the blogging!!

Sadly the answer to the question is a big whopping no! When it comes time to pay bills I feel like I'm under fire, the bills are the bullets and the enemy (the collectors for those bills) has precision aim. They just keep using my checking account for target practice, taking it out chunks at a time until there is barely anything left. Just like the paper targets used at shooting ranges! It's more like I'm drowing in debt sometimes (no need for a random dream sequence for this one)! By the time I'm done writing checks or paying things on line, my poor wrist could use a nice hot pack for the ache.

I finally made it through all the emails and got rid of all of them, nothing worth keeping in there at all. It's all junk… spam mail is what it's called right? Why is it called that? Cause it's the left over mail that no one really likes to read, much like SPAM canned meat is made up of the leftover parts of a pig that most people wouldn't really eat? Just joshing, it's made from the shoulder of pork and ham (hence the name SPAM) and some crazy places eat it like it was filet mignon…like Hawaii, crazy I tell ya. So I'm back to why is it called spam mail? Someday I'll be curious enough to try to find out the answer but for now I like the relation to SPAM as my answer so I'm sticking to it! This weeks bonus word picture however has stumped me and it took me a long time to come up with some guesses for it but I thought that I needed to mention that there is actually a courier company called Blazeflash. Not that it's the word persay but it so goes with the picture… in my mind anyways. The dude in the picture is holding a package which could have been delivered by courier and it's got a blaze of fire that just may have been caused by flash of something. Ok, I'm grabbing at straws with that one (ooooo, and starting them on fire.) Anyways, Blazeflash isn't just another courier company according to their site so if you should ever need a courier you can check them out at I wonder if they'd send a little love my way, money style, for pimping their site???

Ok, before I go I have to indulge the movie lover in me and share the below trailer for Burn After Reading. Not only does it sort of fit the bonus word picture but it's also what you should do to this blog if it were on paper cause:

a) Watching paper burn is a little fun too.
b) It's sort of a burn worthy blog if I do say so myself
c) When done right, it's another safe way to allow the teeny, tiny pyro out to play


Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Tuesday, October 21, 2008



Leaves are turning colors
Gently falling to the ground
Soon there will be enough
To pile up in a mound

Once your pile is ready
Then you jump right in
So have your rake handy
And let the fun begin!



Discover My Heart

Beneath this exterior
A heart exists
Don't think me inferior
You would be remiss

Thick walls protect me
From all that is evil
Like verbal debris
That bores like a weevil

Inside is tender
Caring and pure
A thing of splendor
It's just obscure

When one takes the time
To break through the restraints
The reward is sublime
There would be no complaints

The truest of friends
Or lovers we'd be
Possibility transcends
Once it is set free


Sunday, October 19, 2008

The Sign

Click on picture to go to artist link!

In the sprinkling stardust
and the light of the moon
two lovers dance to the
sound of their heart beat's tune.

The night creatures join in
lending their musical talents
no need for a violin
for tonight's exclusive events.

The grass sways in the breeze
like a conductor leading the group.
The cricket's expertise
makes them sound like an organized troop.

Above a shooting comet appears,
the closer it comes the smaller it gets.
Which helps to placate all of their fears,
as they go through their lifetime's regrets.

Both happier than they've ever been,
unable to list regrets of their past.
They felt that much to their chagrin
their love just could not be surpassed.

In the sprinkling stardust
And the light of the moon
two lovers decide to marry
while the universe swoons.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Forever Free

By:..alyn Pictures, Images and Photos

The rain washes away my sorrow until I feel free
Then the sunshine unfolds its mystery to me

The dawn of a new day allows the past to retreat
And opens the path for the future to greet

Enjoy each day fully, they will end soon
Seize the sunlight and reign in the moon

A shower of stardust will send down some love
Sparkling like fireflies on a hot evening in June

The evening sky becomes a canvas above
Where twinkling stars dance to the crickets tune

My soul skyward bound on wings of a dove
Without any regrets to speak thereof

An eternal future I serenely meet
With love and acceptance, I'm now complete

The ethereal scenes I can't wait to see
While resting beneath angels wings, forever free

Those that assisted with my journey ~ Seeturtle, Lady "Cheryl" Death, The Green Goddess, Michelle K, Colleen B, BreeZy B, Wyn

Circle of Love


Always wanting, always giving
True love knows no bounds
Just simply go on living
Least expected, love is found

A granted wish
Two souls meet
A heart to cherish
Passion's heat

Time spent with one another
Makes daily troubles drift away
Affection towards each other
Grows deeper with each day

Pure and true
Present a ring
Say I do
Rejoice and sing

Soul mates join and become whole
Love's journey just beginning
Through life's troubles each will console
To keep the circle of love spinning


Friday, October 17, 2008

Engulfing Flames


Flames of fire bellow and smoke

Holding the forest in its choke

It crackles and kills to its heart's content

As it begins its uncaring decent

It's a sad state for the land and trees

When the heat drinks up the rain with ease

The scene itself is quite awesome in sight

The fire just has so much force and fight

A notch in its belt for each life taken

Human and nature, nothing forsaken

Sometimes trying to douse its ravage

Only makes it much more savage

Everything left in a charcoal like state

Its only goal is to desecrate

It may be best to just let it burn out

Or maybe steer it in another route

Cutting it off may prove success

Nothing left for its flames to caress

If the hunger is no longer fed

It engulfs itself until it's dead


Thursday, October 16, 2008

Death of TV

Drawn in and addicted to your screen
Times apart are few and far between
The thought of time lost is quite obscene
And so is the junk food filled cuisine

Life outside continues to thrive
Inside you wait for me to arrive
Each week a schedule I must contrive
Without you I fear I would not survive

Packed in your box are my drugs of choice
I always love the sound of your voice
When fall appears I sit back and rejoice
The couch becomes my luxury Rolls Royce

Sometimes I feel you slipping away
My life would then be in disarray
For if your screen would no longer display
I would end up in a state of decay

No longer able to partake and OD
On the daily doses from my TV
I'd then have to find life outside you see
And I'd realize you sucked the life from me

I'd have to leave my desert like oasis
And learn to enjoy some outside places
Reabsorb life and friendly faces
It will be this life my soul then embraces


Wednesday, October 15, 2008

An Unendangered Encounter

Week 33 Topic: You Shouldn't Have Done That ...
bonus points
(hard, 2 points): Incorporate a nosy neighbor.
(easy, 1 point): Include a famous movie quote.

Final day to post: Oct. 20th, midnight GMT.

Eating a fresh, warm bear claw
on a morning walk through the zoo
I had a moment of shock and awe
because of what came into my view.

The American Black Bear escaped,
for what purpose is unknown,
and on a big rock he now was draped,
fast asleep and all alone.

I took a chance and got up real close
then thought "You shouldn't have done that"
for he began to wiggle his nose
and prepare himself for combat.

He lazily opened his left eye
and let out a big ol' groan.
He saw me standing there near by
and heard me begin to moan.

There was no attack coming my way
he just said "Stupid is as stupid does."
I was confused and began to pray
while my every nerve began to buzz.

He looked a little like Smokey the Bear
although he was sleeping on the job
then he turned to me and gave me a glare
and I just started to sob.

He called me a nosey neighbor
and sounded a little irate.
Then he began to implore
that I just let him hibernate.

Surprised I gave him a big bear hug
And wished him a restful snooze
He felt a little like the bear skin rug
At the bar where I'd be drinking some booze!



Monday, October 13, 2008

I Walk the Night


I walk the night
Venom and spite
You come in sight
Tempted to bite

Neck looks inviting
The urge I'm fighting
It's quite exciting
Step out of lighting

I hear your heartbeat
My fangs long to meet
Your veins for a treat
I'm sure you'll taste sweet

Step into the dark
Leaving a small mark
I'll grant you a spark
New life to embark


Fork In The Road

fork in road Pictures, Images and Photos
It's common to play the what ifs
I veered to the left rather than right.
Would I have climbed the same cliffs?
Would I have found my shining Knight?

For me it was 8 years ago this week
that I thought back and began to wonder.
What life would be if I did make a tweak,
would what I had now be torn asunder?

I had regrets, yes there were many
but there was also good that came my way.
There were twists and turns a plenty
but not too many to lead me astray.

I was dealt a blow that rocked my world
and I was left with choices to make.
Thoughts and images in my head swirled
brink of depression or in life partake.

Again I came to a fork in my road
and all the choices were up to me.
I knew seeds of my past had been sowed
and there was some emotional debris.

I think back now to the road that I chose
and I no longer have any question.
Which way is the right way? Nobody knows.
It's all in your hands, left to your discretion.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Dear Melanie


Even though I need you night and day
I'm upset that you tempted me that way.
The cage is supposed to be my safe zone
and you left me with the vacuum, alone.

Not only was it within my reach,
"You left it plugged in!" I warned with a screech.
That black, snake like cord just called out to me,
taunting and coaxing right where I could see.

I couldn't stand it any longer,
I wish I would have been much stronger.
I reached right out and grabbed it with my claw.
A slick thing of wonder, I stared in awe.

Then just take a guess what I did next.
It's not too hard, I'm not that complex.
Right to the beak went this temptation,
I bit down and I felt the vibration!

Then down I went, falling right off my mount.
Down to the floor, I was out for the count.
My head was spinning, my mind in a daze.
I was surrounded by a warm, bright haze.

Men with feathered boas and cross dressers from hell
flashed into my mind as I tried to rebel.
It wasn't easy to fight my way back
next time I'll think twice before I attack.

Your fine feathered friend made it through the day
with his own unique peacock like display.
Now I'm stuffing down McDonalds French fries,
trying hard to ease your guilt and your cries.

Down to the last drop I'm emotionally spent.
Please remember to remove things that torment.
In the future it would be really nice
if you'd think twice so I don't pay the price!

Tangelo would like to thank those that assisted in giving him a voice ~~Lady "Cheryl" Death, Frankie, Colleen B, sheila A and (even though it was her fault) MelanieJ

My First Wet Kiss


It all took place in tropical bliss
A special one of a kind first kiss
I thought it may be slimy and wet
But surely one I'd never forget

On a Caribbean cruise with great friends
All sorts of fun that you hope never ends
We joined an excursion and took the chance
To join the exotic in their water dance

Some black some grey, all silky and slick
Hold out some squid and they'd suck it up quick
Friendly and curious just like we were
Excited and free, gliding by in a blur

After some time they became more calm
And I had just put on my lip balm
What came next doesn't happen everyday
I was kissed by a great big sting ray


Not much of what I write about is true, or even partially true, but this one is! That's me in the pic & the pic was taken by a friend while we were swimming with the Sting Rays.

Friday, October 10, 2008


Mirrors avoided for what is seen.
you'd think it would be skin that is green,
but that's only a warning for others
of evil inside that boils and smothers.

Innocence eaten up by anger held
inside the soul where it sat and dwelled.
Slowly working its way through the layers
as a warning to others to say their prayers.

Mirrors reflect that scaled evil inside,
lures it out from where it likes to hide.
Vanity being one of its vices
succumbing no matter what the price is.

It slithers and coils each day as it feeds
from the anger felt and the evil deeds.
Most do avoid being eaten alive
letting go of it all so they can survive.

Take note and listen to the tale told here
or it won't be only mirrors you fear.
If you don't avoid keeping it all in
the snake will grow and you'll harvest green skin.


Thursday, October 9, 2008

Tapestry of an Autumn Day

Season kissed leaves entwined

in the tapestry of an autumn day.

Painting rainbows in my mind

as the brisk breezes gently sway.

Star crossed lovers,

the sun and the moon.

Clouds become covers

as they quickly spoon.

As the sun sets, the moon starts to rise.

Moonlight dances across the sky.

The clouds disperse and to my surprise

the shooting stars begin to fly.


Wednesday, October 8, 2008

God Smiled Down On Me

Week 32 Topic: Results may vary...
bonus points
(hard, 2 points): Incorporate a trip to Canada.
(easy, 1 point): Include a Blood Hound.
Final day to post: Oct. 13th, midnight GMT.

Ok folks, it's time to share another photo from the vacation book. Yep, that's me in that photo up there and what am I doing you may ask. Well most likely you aren't asking but seeing since you're here I may as well tell ya anyways. I bet Marvin there that I could do some chin ups from right where we were standing and he didn't believe me. That there is as close as I get to a chin upJ Hey, I'm helping Tiki Tiki Tembo there hold his chin up. Yeah, Marvin didn't go for it either. Next I tried to say I was a plastic surgeon and I was giving him a chin lift and was considering a whole face lift while I was at it. Neither one of them thought that I was funny, no chance for me getting a big head over my prized sense of humor this time around that's for sure. Good old Tiki there was stone cold and kept a face of stone the whole time we were there. Since Tiki is just a head stone I guess he's lacking a funny boneJ

I think Marvin was a little upset to begin with because we were supposed to be taking a trip to Canada again. We were there a few months ago and results may vary but it's not my idea of an adventurous excursion so I wanted to check out something new. I was looking forward to doing some rock climbing and seeing some Mayan ruins or any type of ancient ruins would do really. I know that you may be saying that Tiki Tiki Tembo is Chinese and not Mayan but hey, it was the first thing that popped into my mind as soon as I saw the stone carved monument. Well not the first thing really. First I said "Hey, now this should be enough head and shoulders to clear up that cosmic dandruff of yours Marvin!!" That's when he reminded me that his Illudium Q-36 Explosive Space Modulator was back in his possession. He can be so mean! So then I thought to myself that whoever took the time to carve this may have benefited from that space modulator back in the day. Then it was "Hey, it's Tiki Tiki Tembo!" After being in that crazy headspace I just had to have my picture taken with him to remember it all.

Now when I look back at this picture the first thing I think of is "Say cheese." That's mainly due to the obnoxious person who took the picture for us because he kept repeating that in his high pitched voice. He also had this Blood Hound with him that insisted on howling every time his owner screeched. So because I'm crazy like that it made me think of Rosco P. Coltrane and his faithful hound Flash. I know Flash is a Bassett Hound not a Blood Hound but they are both tracking dogs and the breed names are close enough for me to confuse them all of the time. Now that I think about it, the owner did also resemble Boss Hogg a little, LOL!!

Anyways, after it all Marvin called me a poser and I totally busted out laughing. That proved that he did have a little sense of humor afterall. I was posing for the picture after posing as a plastic surgeon... LOL, poser... it was good stuff... guess you had to be there. He got me but I held my chin high, I have a good head on my shoulders. That's when my imagination ran wild and I thought that maybe Tiki was the God of humor and cursed to spend eternity in the mountain because he irked the wrong person on the wrong day. Now he was a prisoner, no longer allowed to use his humor and it would just drain out for others to absorb. That would explain Marvin's little pun cause he's normally more agitated than funny. I wasn't going to let him be head and shoulders above me when it came to humor though, I did have some sort of ancient God looking down on me afterall. The Gods were on my side and Marvin was only a stone's throw away from getting hisJ

This photo show and tell is brought to you from the imagination inspired through

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Nature's Gift


Nature is out there for all to see
Delicate yet vibrant in its jubilee
Enjoy in its splendor as it shows
All of the beauty while it grows

Look around and take in the sight
That it provides for your delight
Walk down the beach, hand in hand
Let your toes revel in the warm sand

Enjoy the sky with the sun, moon and stars
If you look closely you may just see Mars

You don't even have to look very hard
You'll often see it in your own back yard

Life is too short as people often say
Stop to absorb its radiance every day

Sunday, October 5, 2008



You're a toxic addition to my life
causing me nothing but grief and strife.

Why I allow you to remain I'm unsure
How much of this do you think I can endure?

The strength will come to me someday soon
and vengeance will pour out like a typhoon.

I'll pull the worms from your clogged veins
and tie you up using them as your chains.

You'll be left all alone just to fester and rot
no one will miss you, you will just be forgot.

I will finally be detoxified and free
while you're wishing you were nicer to me.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Friends & Lovers

Fire and ice
Passion ignites

Emotions speak
Bodies oblique

Facades undone
Entwined as one

Sultry desire
Skin like live wire

Trails of kisses
Moans and hisses

Found precious treasure
Mutual pleasure

Heated urges
Wave like surges

Heads left reeling
Over the feeling

Within these covers
Friends became lovers

Friday, October 3, 2008



The sign said come one come all
you will surely have a ball.
The music will be thumping
and people will be jumping.

A DJ will be on hand,
The atmosphere will be grand.
This sign will be your ticket in,
be prepared for a night of sin.

Your destination is mapped out
so be ready to twist and shout.
You'll party to your heart's desire
with beats that truly will inspire.

The fun will never seem to end
so go ahead and bring a friend.
It's a night you won't forget
if you skip it you will regret.

Once you are in you can not leave
your family will mourn and grieve
But you will continue to party on
Night after night till the break of dawn

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Teenage Love

It was the senior dance
My one and only chance
To finally get a glance
Of enchanting romance

Dressed up in my best
Feeling really blessed
I was on a quest
my love for you confessed

You weren't feeling the same
Said no one was to blame
Just friends was your claim
I felt rather lame

Snuck out to get some air
Felt life just wasn't fair
I walked without a care
Found someone with a spare

Feeling quite insane
I drank away the pain
And from what did it I gain
One horrible migraine

Now I'm quite depressed
Passed out in this mess
No longer feeling blessed
My heart ripped out my chest

Air Head

I swear when I woke up it was right there
Saw it in the mirror as I did my hair

There it was starring right back at me
Looking securely attached, yet no guarantee

But somewhere between then and now
I seemed to misplace it and I'm not sure how

I didn't feel it leaving for if I did
it would be something that I would forbid

I'd reach right up to get a firm grip
and stop it from taking its little trip

Alas I miss out and away it goes
Just needing a break I would suppose

Sometimes I don't know If I'm coming or going
I often wonder if my delusion is showing

So if you should ever see my blank face
It means my head escaped without a trace

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The Vacuum Nemesis

Today was the day to clean up Tangelo's cage and his mess around the cage. Before I can clean though I have to spend quality time figuring out where the Dyson is clogged! Searching, all the nooks and crannies for the clog is like looking for a needle in a haystack so I get a little frustrated with that. Once I do clear it out though, that vacuum works like a dream! The problem is that as soon as I pull it out Tangelo gets a little restless. It's kinda funny cause he starts pacing around in a circle in his cage and hissing. If I try to let him come out, while I'm hunting and pecking for clogs, he just isn't having it. Any other time, he is out of his cage and partying like a rock star but not when his nemesis is in sight! Once I flip the switch on the vacuum and it's doing its job, it's like a flip is switched on Tangelo too. He moves up to the perches in his cage and the squawking begins or he goes to his water dish and starts scooping it up and throwing it around. His water play reminds me of some worship ritual or something that I seen once in a bird program on the Discovery Channel. In the time it takes me to finish vacuuming he will usually have his water bowl emptied out if I don't take it from him.

I never really thought about why he didn't like it cause I just assumed it was the noise but then I thought back to his earlier years and for about the first 5 years or so he never seemed to have an issue with it. So I thought maybe it was cause it was the Phantom vacuum back then. Call me silly but he's smart, he knows the differenceJ I still have the old Phantom so I pulled it out to see and nope, that one just made him a little crazier. Then it struck me, it was an incident with the Phantom about 10 years ago that caused his dislike for vacuums! It all leads back to that fateful day when I was a bad cockatoo friend and Tangelo, much like Adam and Eve, gave into temptation.

Cockatoos love to play finders keepers, getting their claws and beaks on anything they can. Just like a baby the first thing they do is put it in their mouth leaving the losers weepersJ On this fateful day I was vacuuming and then, for whatever reason, I stopped to do something else. I left the vacuum plugged in and at the time the only available plug was by his cage. Next thing I know I hear this THUD! It sounded like a good sized rock was dropped onto the floor. I didn't know if I should duck and cover or what. I decided to go into the living room, which was the main room of the house I lived in at the time, and everything looked fine until…. I notice Tangelo was lying on the cage floor!! I was a little freaked cause cockatoos are always on their feet, they do not lie down ever. What the heck happened??? Was he dead??? I walked over and that was the moment of truth! The closer I got the clearer things became. He had gotten his little claws on the vacuum cord! Yeah, it was within his reach when he played Stretch Armstrong and reached past his cage bars to grab onto the snakelike temptation of the vacuum cord. Once he got it, straight to the mouth it went and he practically gnawed it in half! The cord was still pulled into the cage and he had, what appeared to be, powder burn marks all around his beak.

Tangelo didn't look like he was breathing and he definitely wasn't moving. I was just praying that he wasn't dead. It seemed like forever but it was probably only about a minute that had gone by when Tangelo popped up and made his way up to his swing like nothing happened. It was time to break out the special treats to try to relieve my guilt, fresh sugar cane. I kept it wrapped in plastic wrap so as soon as he heard the unwrapping crinkle he got excited and you would never know that he had almost bid life adieu. To this day, he gets nervous whenever any vacuum is in his sights. I can't say that I really blame him now that I have smartened up enough to link it all together!! Sometimes I need to search the lost and found for my brain I guess or I just blame it on the full moon people say it makes ya crazyJ


Week 31 Topic: That was the moment of truth...
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