Friday, September 26, 2008

Who Wears This Stuff??

I have to admit that I am not a fashionista by any stretch of the imagination. My idea of fashion is a sweatshirt with some type of logo, or not, and some comfy sort of pants. When I see some of the high couture fashions I just wonder who the hell actually wears that stuff! You don't see your average Jane or Joe walking down the street in any of that crazy stuff. I do however love me some TV and I get sucked into those dang "reality" shows so I of course tune in to watch Project Runway. I've seen all seasons of the show and am watching the current one and I can't help but think to myself that the show should be getting better and more creative not worse. I think I tune in to see the resident crazies rather than the fashion but there really aren't any this season so I am stuck focusing on the fashion because God forbid I just turn it off. Here are some pieces that I'm quite perplexed about.

Like I said, I'm not the best judge of fashion but would you wear this when you get all gussied up for a party??

It makes me think of a demented Snow White with 7 gnomes rather than dwarfs.

What about this stunning outfit that looks like something I used to piece together for my Barbie dolls back in the day?

Bondage and tool, oh my! If only I saved all those outfits I made, I too could possibly go to Bryant Park during Fashion Week to show off my clothing line.

I loved the 80's just like most in my age group and while this next one brings me back to that decade, I don't think even they would have worn it. What about you?

It looks like she's been out partying all night and got in a few cat fights or something. Maybe the outfit looked better before she headed out for the party.

Those are just a few of the outlandish creations from the cast this season. Previous seasons seemed to have some crazy stuff too but you could appreciate it somewhat. Well except for this lovely ensemble

Yeah, I just don't see anyone wearing this. Not unless they had some horrible deformity that they were trying to hide.

Ok, here are a couple pieces that I could find some appreciation for but I still couldn't see any "real world" people wearing them.



There is a beauty of sorts to these and maybe some celebrity or someone rich and famous may wear them but your average Jane? I think not. The 2nd was made by last season's winner who is quite the character so back then I got to tune in for the crazy and some good fashion now and again. What's with the ear muffs on that 1st one though? It's just a coincidence that both are of the frilly, tool persuassion. I wasn't finding a whole lot of picture choices out there, really I just got sick of looking through all the nonsensical fashion.



This piece here was made by the winner of season 1… if I remember correctly.


Now it's a decent dress, I could see your average Jane wearing this one even. In fact she wore this one specifically a little to much so you can see it's loved. I could see the really average Jane wearing it actually cause it's made out of corn husks… how expensive could it be to whip up one of those?? Waste not want not... LOL.

This last piece…. I'm not sure what to think about it.


Ok, I lied. What I think is the poor girl is so malnourished that she just can't hold herself up straight cause that shoulder piece, or whatever the heck they call it, probably weighs more than her.

Which brings me to those runway models who are a whole other story

Can we just get some with more realistic body types and "real" sizes rather than 0 or -1??

Ok, I guess I really shouldn't be trying to judge when my idea of fashion is


But hey, freedom of speech is one of my rights and I needed an entry for the Fashion category of the Blogophilia OlympicsJ

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