Monday, September 29, 2008


Like a moth to a flame,

I don't use my brain.

All of these tears

drive me insane.

I'm irresistibly drawn,

though I know I'll get burned.

You'd think after all

these years I'd have learned.

A shadow on the wall,

is all I remain.

My flame now extinguished

but my life not in vane.

I will live on in the string

of a moon beam

from there I will haunt you

each time you dream.

My laughter will fall

down like the rain.

The warm cascade

relinquishing my pain.

I'm a shockwave baby

electrifying your life.
You'll be left feeling like

you've been stabbed with a knife.


A little creepy but inspired by lines fromLady "Cheryl" Death, united majority, Margie, Expressions, Linda, chery, sheila A, julia, Wizard of Awwwwws

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