Saturday, September 13, 2008

Moonshine Wishes & Frog Leg Dreams

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Sipping on moonshine
Poppin' tabs of orange sunshine

Just waiting for the crazy to ensue
As I lay back and enjoy the view

I look to the right and what do I see
A frog in the sky instead of a tree

Taking flight with a bejeweled umbrella
A thing of joy for this cute green fella

Round and round, up and down
Like a colorful, crazy clown

Just going in circles on one big escape
Never needing a silly red cape

Relishing in the countries greenery
The beautiful landscapes and scenery

The preferred time is during the day
But the night also provides time for play

Surfing on comet tails across the heavens afar
Grabbing and swinging on the nearest star

It all turns into a crazy fun filled chase
As he becomes a tiny speck in outer space

Then we are both spiraling down
Dripping on the floor of the town

As the sun sinks down into the clouds of night
I realize that all along it was just a kite

This dreamscape is a Cheryl's Pals Collab & inspired by lines from Glenn, Lady "Cheryl" Death, sheila A, Linda, changotay, Colleen B and of course me, myself and I.

I won an award for this one.... yip-yip hooray!!

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Anonymous said...

Melanie)))I knew there was a reason for wanting to connect with you on DC!I'll be around for a long long time....really looking forward to getting to know each other.
Lynda A

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