Friday, September 26, 2008

Meet the Kids

I always wanted pets when I was little but could never have them. There were all the usual reasons that parents give their kids but I vowed that I'd have all sorts of them when I was living on my own. I've been out on my own for about 20 years now and over the years I've had more than 40 pets! That is an average of 2 a year but I've had at least 4 at any given time with the highest being 14+ at one point! Today I am down to 4 again. 2 of those are remaining from the 14+ and the other 2 are new, 1 within the last 2 years and the other a month or so. My pets are like my kids and they say that, like kids, pets pick up some likeness to their owners. I'd have to agree with that because my pets have definitely picked up on my inner and outer crazy!! I've done a tribute poem to 2 of them in the past but I figured that they deserve a little more than that so this in an introduction to Melanie's crazy 4.

Tangelo, a Moluccan Cockatoo, is the oldest of the 4 and one of the survivors of the 14+. Curiously enough, he will be 14 in December.


He loves to
welcome me home daily,
remind me that he's still here nightly,
whisper sweet nothings,
mimic the cat's meow and my laugh,
eat mashed potatoes and the insides only of grapes, corn and peas,
leave me the gift of the skins from the grapes, corn and peas,
chase around the other pets and wander about,
and he enjoys a good beat so that he can flaunt his dancing skills.

He dislikes

when one of the dogs hang out by his cage to pick up the food he's tossed out,
being ignored,
my brother because he ignores him,
people getting all touchy feely before he's had time to warm up to them,
apples and bananas,
and the vacuum.

I purchased him from a bird breeder. She had me come to her home to visit Tangelo from the time he hatched until he was full grown and ready to go home so I could form that "parent-child" bond. It's a matter of weeks until they are full grown, amazing! He is quite the character, I may have to blog a tale or 2 of his some time.

Tinker, a cat of possible Siamese and/or Persian decent, is the other survivor of the 14+ and is about 9 years old.


She loves to
sleep and be lazy,
greet me in the morning when I wake up,
chatter constantly,
lounge in the upstairs hall right at the top of the steps,
eat anything and everything that you leave on the counter,
make a mad dash for the outside if she can squeeze out the door,
annoy you to get back in 5 seconds later,
and sit by the sliding glass door to watch the crazy squirrels gather their winter harvest.

She dislikes
Being ignored,
a dirty cat box,
not being fed on time,
being told to stay off the counter,
being told to be quiet,
being banished from the bedrooms,
and Tangelo biting her tail.

I sort of adopted her. Her mom was a stray cat that had babies on my sister's porch and then left them, never to return again. There are definitely some tales with this one and no I'm not talking about the one that helps her to hide her bootie.

Mogli, a Min Pin, is a little over 2 and is not part of the infamous 14+ but I think she likes it that way.


She loves to
jump like a kangaroo,
run in circles like a nut,
attack Tinker,
visit Tangelo's cage for a snack,
eat Tinker's food,
and just look dang cute.

She dislikes
Kids trying to play with her,
being away from me,
the cold Mn winters,
the rain,
having to be in a kennel at any time,
the new arrival… she's getting used to her though,
going to the vet,
when you mess with her stubby little tail,
when you move her from her comfortable napping positions,
and when you blow air anywhere near her face.

She was born on July 25, 2006 so her birthday is the day before mine. For that reason, and the fact that she was just too dang cute, I had to rescue her from a pet shop that I just knew I shouldn't enter.

Caprice, a Chihuahua, is currently visitor to our humble abode. Whether her true owner returns for her or not remains to be seen but in the meantime she is family and fits in quite nicely.


She loves to
chew on toys,
wrestle with Mogli,
run around the living room table on Sundays when I watch True Blood,
get crazy with a toy or 2 and then pass out,
and just annoy Mogli when she's trying to relax.

She dislikes
being in the kennel,
the rain,
being ignored when she is trying to get your attention,
Mogli trying to take all the attention,
and Mogli not being up for a spur of the moment game of attack.

She is growing on us so we hope that she stays foreva!

So that is the brood as it stands today. I hope I didn't bore ya with all their little stats but I figured that others talk about their kids so I should talk about mineJ

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