Monday, September 8, 2008

Land of Imagination

I want to go beyond the rainbow
To a land with an everlasting glow
One where there is always laughter
That is really all I am after

A life where things aren't so serious
Where I can always be delirious
It's a land where I was meant to live
Oh to find it what I would give

Visiting only would work nicely too
It's where I'd go when things are askew
Sometimes I feel like it's not too far
Like it's really near, it's quite bizarre

The more I think it seems so familiar
Like déjà vu, it is quite peculiar
Now it has hit me like a ton of bricks
My crazy mind has been playing tricks

I do already know this awesome place
How I could forget is just a disgrace
Of all the places in this great nation
I'm just thinking of my own imagination

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Clare Dunn said...

Imagination...a kid's trait that adults need to "remaster". Sounds like you have!

(great photo, too!)

Here's a 'sort-of' shameless plug. My brother writes poetry, if you'd like to check it out someday:

xoxoxo, cd

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