Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Horses, Ice-Cream & Russians... Oh My!

Week 27 Topic: Pride Goes Before a Fall...
bonus points
(hard, 2 points): Incorporate a Russian fairy tale.
(easy, 1 point): Mention your favorite ice cream.
Final day to post: Sept. 8th, midnight GMT.

When I was in high school I worked at a Baskin Robins, no lie. I worked there pretty much all 4 years of high school & then quite about a year after I graduated because I got a full time job, with a company that I am still with today. Man time flies when I think about it! Anyways, they had the best ice cream because it just had so much more flavor to it then what you can buy in the store. My most favorite ice-cream was Nutty Coconut, mmmmmmmm!! I so miss that flavor. We no longer have Baskin Robins here in Minnesota so it's been about 17 years… WOW! Actually, there was a point there where I was in Acapulco at the Wal-Mart & they had a Baskin Robins inside there. Guess what flavor they had as part of their 31 flavors?? Yep, it was Nutty Coconut. Of course I'm forever on a diet, even when traveling but pride goes before a fall so I gave in and had me some Nutty Coconut ice cream, sold to me by a fine looking Mexican stallion! That was about 10 years ago now I guess. Unfortunately I didn't rope me that stallion… LOL!

Beep, beep, beep, beep, we interrupt this reading for a message from the writer: I mentioned the topic but I'm wondering if it really fits for the situation. Does it count if it is used incorrectly? Ok, now I feel like a horse's ass for talking to myself, maybe pride goes before the fall fits here… LOL. I'm not really talking to myself though because others are kind enough to read or pretend to read this & therefore I'm talking to you kind reader(s). Now back to the regularly scheduled bloggingJ

When I worked at Baskin Robins I thought to myself "saddle up, it's gonna be a bumpy ride!!" Who can resist ice-cream? Especially when you can have all that you want for free?? This is the stuff nightmares can be made of! Luckily I didn't do to badly but there are times where I may have eaten a colt's or filly's weight of the creamy concoction that is ice-cream! I wonder how far I'd have to gallop to find the nearest Baskin Robins now-a-days? I'll have to look into that!
I didn't really know much about Russian fairy tales so part of the cool factor of the blog challenges for Blogophilia is I get to learn some stuff, either from the topics or the other great bloggers. This time I read a bunch of Russian fairy tales & found one called the Scarlet Flower, which is similar to Beauty and the Beast. This is a story where the dad wants to get his 3 daughters a gift so each asks for something in particular & his favorite daughter, the youngest, asks for a scarlet flower. You'd think that would be an easy task… a red flower. For whatever reason it wasn't so he ends up staying at this castle he comes upon. He was feeling lucky as a horseshoe because he had food to eat, a place to sleep, and all the amenities. He didn't want to look a gift horse in the mouth but ventured out to the garden & there he happened to find a scarlet flower. At this point the dragon, who owns the castle, unveiled himself and said that the man could only return home if he would send one of his daughters back to stay at the castle. The man went home & the decision was to send the youngest back. From this point on you know what happens… she ends up falling in love with the dragon so low & behold his curse is lifted & he is a fine looking thoroughbred of a Prince! She becomes his bride, not to be confused with a bridle, and they of course life happily ever after. It's a horse of atale… LOL!

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