Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Gift of the Rainbow

Over yonder, behind those trees

the rainbow ends in a pot of Sprees.

No gold found here where it's not needed

but candy will be happily greeted.

For now I lie in a field of flowers

drying off from the April showers.

The sun begins to come out of hiding

and soon down that rainbow I'll be sliding.

The leprechauns will show me the way

to the pot o' candy without delay.

They come this way on their trip over

and I'll pay them with a 4 leaf clover.

We will then skip merrily along

as we sing a Willie Wonka type song.

Once we arrive to our destination

we find ourselves on a candy plantation.

Before the rainbow began to depart

the leprechauns had words to impart

"Candy is what makes the world go round."

Leprechauns really aren't too profound.

With that they let me slide on down

my joy was heard all over town.

The rainbow dispersed and they all agree

To leave the candy plantation to me.


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