Saturday, September 27, 2008

Games to Remember

At the mere mention of Atari

my eyes get a little starry

thinking about back in the day

and all the hours that I'd play.

The games of today just not the same.

I know I seem a little lame

not accepting Playstation's fame

but I won't hide my head in shame.

I loved me some Pac-Man
Yep I was a fan,
For hours I'd scan
to find the best plan.

Mrs. Pac-Man comes up next
patterns just as complex
all the bouncing objects
sometimes I'd be perplexed.

Frogger is next on the list.
It's one that is really missed.
Always squashed but I'd persist
playing I could not resist.

Then there is Donkey Kong,
that little ape was strong.
To the tune I'd sing along.
I'd sit and play all day long.

Mario was quite the cad.
He's still around, not a fad.
When I died I'd be mad.
Starting over was so sad.

Qubert, remember him?
His puzzles made my brain swim.
Chances winning were quite slim.
I'd play this one on a whim.

Oh I could go on and on
but I sense a little yawn.
Did this provide any temptation
For your own Atari dedication?

This is an entry for the Sports/Games category at the Blogophilia Olympics, do you wanna play??

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