Saturday, September 27, 2008

From ABC To Infamy

I started out thinking I was going to be leaning towards the side of humor but the words came out differently, a little bit of humor but some pity too I guess. Feel free to voice your opinons but back in the day I loved the man. Now he just goes to show that too much talent can drive someone a little nutty. LOL! On with the poem.


Back in the 80's he hit is stride
On the stage you could watch his feet glide

He started out young and sang ABC
Backed up by his brothers, such a cutie

He wasn't stopping til he got enough
Rumors came out about life being tough

Changes in appearance start taking place
Altering his skin tone and his own face

When Thriller came out, he hit it big
I'm sure his family was dancing a jig

The man himself was never quite happy
Cause of his past he felt pretty crappy

Then a mishap, his hair was on fire
He bounced back and went on to inspire

The lips and nose began to get smaller
And the O2 tank, pretty high dollar

Skin became lighter and nose almost gone
He started to look like Liz Taylor's spawn

Living at Neverland Ranch was his curse
People began thinking he was perverse

Purchasing the Elephant Man's bones
Caused people to throw perverbal stones

The man was becoming quite eccentric
The choices he made more than eclectic

The business makes you become a man fast
Who knew that his fame just wouldn't last

Whether or not he did things that they say
He once was great, can't take that away

This here is an entry for the Music category of the great Blogophilia Olympics.

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