Saturday, September 6, 2008

First Love


Butterflies in my stomach,
fluttered from the start.
Embellishing my senses,
you simply filled my heart.

You were the first I hungered for
that much is simply true
but I was shy and insecure,
I just acted like a fool.

It wasn't an infatuation,
my love was pure and true.
I still have dreams and wishes
of you and only you.

I linger in dreamland, hoping
to get a glimpse of your face.
but father time has cursed me
and there simply is no trace.

My mind continues to taunt me
as I slowly go insane
because it listens to my heart
that wants what it can't obtain.

We were never quite together,
somehow always kept apart.
You were my first requited love
and you will always have my heart.

Thanks to sheila A, Margie, seducerofwords, Colleen B and Lady "Cheryl" Death for the inspirational lines that assisted me in finally putting this in writing!

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