Saturday, September 27, 2008

Clerihew of Celebs

For Cinema and Celebs I didn't know what to do

so since I'm a kid at heart I thought of Clerihew

What's that you ask? You wanna know?

It's a poetry form so let's start the show...

His name is Johnny Depp

and he has quite the rep

From Elmstreet to Sweeny Todd

Can you call in the drool squad

Another fav is Brad Pitt

I wouldn't wipe off his spit

He seems like he's an awesome dude

With great skills and a diverse brood

Then there is Marky Mark

his abs the ticket to his spark

Max Payne comes to theaters soon

I'll be there to watch and swoon

I'd be remiss not including Donnie

I'm not alone in thinking him bonnie

As an actor he wasn't getting much fame

but he's Hangin' Tough, yes I know that was lame

To toss in some gals I'll include Reese

Her talent seems to never cease

She does well in comedy and drama

Even played Adam Sandler's momma

How about a little Angelina Jolie

She's a little out there and not quite holy

Nowadays she is a little more devout

But in the past she let her inner freak out

I love them in the movies, good or bad

They and some others are totally rad

Who are some of your favorite stars

And yes Marvin they can be from Mars


This would be an entry for the Cinema & Celebrity section of the Blogophilia Olympics.

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