Monday, September 1, 2008

Cherished Life

As the sun here in Kenya goes down
I think of my American home town

We have so much but yet so little
Compared to a place we may feel is brittle

Here beautiful animals are roaming free
Not locked behind bars for all to see

The unkempt land is a thing of beauty
Back home it's considered a breach of duty

Tribes get together to celebrate life
Just for the moment forgetting their strife

They get by in life with the bare minimum
While we always want more, now isn't that glum

Others say we Americans are hard working
But most of us would rather be shirking

We have honor of freedom we take for granted
Others want it so badly they are transplanted

We need to think less in dollar signs
As family connections suffer declines

Take the time to cherish the things you got
If you think about it you have quite a lot

It's time we stop, see, listen and take a deep breath
To realize what we have before visited by death

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