Monday, September 29, 2008

Cascading Memories

This day was perfect
as any could be
Relaxing and laughing
my friends here with me
Basking in the sun
throughout the warm day
Fruity drinks in hand
as we watched the waves sway
Music drifted to us
from places nearby
Like tropical aromas
of the sunscreen we'd apply
People in various
degrees of undress
just leaving go of
the self-esteem stress
No pesky beach peddlers
out selling their wares
So we could all sit back
without any cares

Enjoying the view
of the beautiful scene
Knowing that home
isn't quite as serene
The sky flaunts its artistry
at the end of each day
Tonight I pluck a bit
and pack it away

When the times get tough
and memories fade
I'll pull that bit out
and in they'll cascade

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