Monday, September 29, 2008

Cascading Memories

This day was perfect
as any could be
Relaxing and laughing
my friends here with me
Basking in the sun
throughout the warm day
Fruity drinks in hand
as we watched the waves sway
Music drifted to us
from places nearby
Like tropical aromas
of the sunscreen we'd apply
People in various
degrees of undress
just leaving go of
the self-esteem stress
No pesky beach peddlers
out selling their wares
So we could all sit back
without any cares

Enjoying the view
of the beautiful scene
Knowing that home
isn't quite as serene
The sky flaunts its artistry
at the end of each day
Tonight I pluck a bit
and pack it away

When the times get tough
and memories fade
I'll pull that bit out
and in they'll cascade


Like a moth to a flame,

I don't use my brain.

All of these tears

drive me insane.

I'm irresistibly drawn,

though I know I'll get burned.

You'd think after all

these years I'd have learned.

A shadow on the wall,

is all I remain.

My flame now extinguished

but my life not in vane.

I will live on in the string

of a moon beam

from there I will haunt you

each time you dream.

My laughter will fall

down like the rain.

The warm cascade

relinquishing my pain.

I'm a shockwave baby

electrifying your life.
You'll be left feeling like

you've been stabbed with a knife.


A little creepy but inspired by lines fromLady "Cheryl" Death, united majority, Margie, Expressions, Linda, chery, sheila A, julia, Wizard of Awwwwws

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Quest of Color


I dream of a world
where minds of patience
realize acceptance is a virtue.
I dare you to accept the quest
and color the world.




They can be dirty and may have scurvey
Chasing their treasure and drinking rum
With women they are quite pervy
Their life can be pretty glum
Johnny Depp made them hot
I like him a lot
A-hoy matey
Aye, savey

This is my entry for the Legends & History section of the Blogophilia Olympics.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Clerihew of Celebs

For Cinema and Celebs I didn't know what to do

so since I'm a kid at heart I thought of Clerihew

What's that you ask? You wanna know?

It's a poetry form so let's start the show...

His name is Johnny Depp

and he has quite the rep

From Elmstreet to Sweeny Todd

Can you call in the drool squad

Another fav is Brad Pitt

I wouldn't wipe off his spit

He seems like he's an awesome dude

With great skills and a diverse brood

Then there is Marky Mark

his abs the ticket to his spark

Max Payne comes to theaters soon

I'll be there to watch and swoon

I'd be remiss not including Donnie

I'm not alone in thinking him bonnie

As an actor he wasn't getting much fame

but he's Hangin' Tough, yes I know that was lame

To toss in some gals I'll include Reese

Her talent seems to never cease

She does well in comedy and drama

Even played Adam Sandler's momma

How about a little Angelina Jolie

She's a little out there and not quite holy

Nowadays she is a little more devout

But in the past she let her inner freak out

I love them in the movies, good or bad

They and some others are totally rad

Who are some of your favorite stars

And yes Marvin they can be from Mars


This would be an entry for the Cinema & Celebrity section of the Blogophilia Olympics.

Games to Remember

At the mere mention of Atari

my eyes get a little starry

thinking about back in the day

and all the hours that I'd play.

The games of today just not the same.

I know I seem a little lame

not accepting Playstation's fame

but I won't hide my head in shame.

I loved me some Pac-Man
Yep I was a fan,
For hours I'd scan
to find the best plan.

Mrs. Pac-Man comes up next
patterns just as complex
all the bouncing objects
sometimes I'd be perplexed.

Frogger is next on the list.
It's one that is really missed.
Always squashed but I'd persist
playing I could not resist.

Then there is Donkey Kong,
that little ape was strong.
To the tune I'd sing along.
I'd sit and play all day long.

Mario was quite the cad.
He's still around, not a fad.
When I died I'd be mad.
Starting over was so sad.

Qubert, remember him?
His puzzles made my brain swim.
Chances winning were quite slim.
I'd play this one on a whim.

Oh I could go on and on
but I sense a little yawn.
Did this provide any temptation
For your own Atari dedication?

This is an entry for the Sports/Games category at the Blogophilia Olympics, do you wanna play??

From ABC To Infamy

I started out thinking I was going to be leaning towards the side of humor but the words came out differently, a little bit of humor but some pity too I guess. Feel free to voice your opinons but back in the day I loved the man. Now he just goes to show that too much talent can drive someone a little nutty. LOL! On with the poem.


Back in the 80's he hit is stride
On the stage you could watch his feet glide

He started out young and sang ABC
Backed up by his brothers, such a cutie

He wasn't stopping til he got enough
Rumors came out about life being tough

Changes in appearance start taking place
Altering his skin tone and his own face

When Thriller came out, he hit it big
I'm sure his family was dancing a jig

The man himself was never quite happy
Cause of his past he felt pretty crappy

Then a mishap, his hair was on fire
He bounced back and went on to inspire

The lips and nose began to get smaller
And the O2 tank, pretty high dollar

Skin became lighter and nose almost gone
He started to look like Liz Taylor's spawn

Living at Neverland Ranch was his curse
People began thinking he was perverse

Purchasing the Elephant Man's bones
Caused people to throw perverbal stones

The man was becoming quite eccentric
The choices he made more than eclectic

The business makes you become a man fast
Who knew that his fame just wouldn't last

Whether or not he did things that they say
He once was great, can't take that away

This here is an entry for the Music category of the great Blogophilia Olympics.

Oh The Horror...

Dear Blogging Journal,

Today was the worst day ever! Ok, it's not the worst really but for a moment it was. Well, more than a moment but I'll get to that in a minute.

I took the day off of work today because I had a few appointments scheduled. BJ.. can I call you BJ?? LOL, maybe I should call ya something else. How about Blogger J? Yeah, ok… we'll go with that. Blogger J don't you just hate when you have those open window type of appointments? You know, those where they say that the person will be at your house between such and such time. Yeah, well the first appointment today was that sort of appointment. I needed a little repair for the security system and the guy was going to be here between 8 and 12. There went the idea of sleeping in!! The next appointment was at 1…. we will get to this one a little later. The last appointment was at 4:30 and this one, BLAH! How you doing financially Blogger J? I could use a little home improvement loan. I know they say don't loan to friends or family but if the roof doesn't make it through the winter and there is some leakage issues you may just die in the aftermath and then we won't be friends either. It's a 50/50 chance as far as I can see so you think about it and we'll get back to thatJ

Ok so back to that 1 o'clock appointment. Guess what it was, one of my least favorite places! Come on Blogger J, you remember… I told you a little story about it in the past in Docs to Beetles. Yep, you got it I had an appointment with the Dentist! Ok, you know how I feel about them. Just to freshen your memory a little, I think that they are masochists! Some of them sadomasochists even!! Well today they just had all sorts of new torture in line. The Dentist office that I go to is also an Optometry Clinic so that is what I was there for back in the previous blog. Not too long ago I paid another visit to be evaluated for TMD and that visit was pain free, thank God! No Blogger J, I don't have TMD… thanks for askingJ Anyways, they did have me make an appointment for a cleaning and check-up seeing since I've avoided the Dentist for about 3 years or so. I know, I know… I'm just asking for trouble but they scare me and here is why…

I walked into the clinic today and what do I hear as soon as I open the door?? Drilling, yep… drilling. I know it's a Dentist's office Blogger J but they should sound proof or something cause I wanted to turn around and walk back out cause here is what I saw in my mind


And that is just the nice version for now! I sucked it up and checked in. They don't bring you back right away though so I had to sit and wait. In the mean time I continue to hear the drilling. Now this is some serious drilling going on and my mind continues to wander. Have you ever seen that horror movie called the Dentist Blogger J? Yeah, not good images to have in mind! I know you don't like Corbin Bernsen but you had to have seen it. It's not important cause my next mental image will say it all.


Yep, I went there. From toons to horror in 2 minutes flat! Next I hear pounding, pounding I tell ya. I'm not exaggerating Blogger J. Really, it was pounding! Then the Dental Hygienist calls my name. I'm not gonna lie, I was just gonna sit there and pretend to be Gretchen Millhouse. What?? I don't know who she is Blogger J, I just figured there was no chance she had an appointment today and I could dash out once the hygienist gave up and moved onto the next candidate for torture. Your right, it didn't work. It would have though if it weren't for that pesky receptionist who pointed me out (ZOIKS!!).

Now I had to go back. Had to do some x-rays first so I ask Mr. Hygienist about the drilling and banging and can't they soundproof or something?? Guess what he tells me Blogger J? Rather than being a decent clinic and waiting until after hours, they were doing some remodeling and that's what I was hearing. Blogger J, stop laughing it's not funny. Of course I was going to assume it was drilling and banging of teeth, I'm in the dentist's office!! Well I asked Mr. Hygienist if he's seen it, you know the movie.


Of course he saw it, he relishes in that sort of thing!! I told him that he should tell the powers that be that it is just a whole new kinda torture for a person to sit in the waiting area waiting to be called back all the while hearing construction drilling and banging going on. He just giggled and proceeded to clean my teeth. Dude… how many times do you have to tell someone that they are hitting your filling with that damn metal pick before they stop doing it!!!! That and that they will not be able to get the damn pick to go between the 2 bottom front teeth because they overlap slightly and there isn't a space. Can they not see that?!?!? I'm telling ya Blogger J, he is so very lucky that I didn't back hand him and blame it on reflexes!!

All in all Mr. Hygienist said that my teeth were very good for not being in for so long but. When Mrs. Dentist came in it was a whole other story though. I think that they make up stuff as they go along so that they can make you come back for the drilling cause they enjoy it so!! I ended up having a cavity for each year that I didn't come in for a cleaning, don't you find that coincidental??? Whatever Blogger J, sometimes I wonder if you really are a friend! Anyways, I have to go back for those fillings. I tried to tell them that they should just do it and get it over with cause I may not come back but they didn't go for it. I'll now need to debate on whether I will go back or not. Dude, quite pressuring me!! I'll go, eventuallyJ

Now can we talk about that loan??? Blogger J? Blogger J? Are you still here? Come on Blogger J, help a sista out!!

This is an entry for the Fantasy, Dreams, the Unknown section of the Blogophilia Olympics.

Horror is a subcategory Blogger J and that dentist visit was my version of horror! That and the cost of my new roof… any more thoughts on that loan?? Blogger J?? Quit ignoring me… we'll discuss this later my so called friend!

Friday, September 26, 2008

Who Wears This Stuff??

I have to admit that I am not a fashionista by any stretch of the imagination. My idea of fashion is a sweatshirt with some type of logo, or not, and some comfy sort of pants. When I see some of the high couture fashions I just wonder who the hell actually wears that stuff! You don't see your average Jane or Joe walking down the street in any of that crazy stuff. I do however love me some TV and I get sucked into those dang "reality" shows so I of course tune in to watch Project Runway. I've seen all seasons of the show and am watching the current one and I can't help but think to myself that the show should be getting better and more creative not worse. I think I tune in to see the resident crazies rather than the fashion but there really aren't any this season so I am stuck focusing on the fashion because God forbid I just turn it off. Here are some pieces that I'm quite perplexed about.

Like I said, I'm not the best judge of fashion but would you wear this when you get all gussied up for a party??

It makes me think of a demented Snow White with 7 gnomes rather than dwarfs.

What about this stunning outfit that looks like something I used to piece together for my Barbie dolls back in the day?

Bondage and tool, oh my! If only I saved all those outfits I made, I too could possibly go to Bryant Park during Fashion Week to show off my clothing line.

I loved the 80's just like most in my age group and while this next one brings me back to that decade, I don't think even they would have worn it. What about you?

It looks like she's been out partying all night and got in a few cat fights or something. Maybe the outfit looked better before she headed out for the party.

Those are just a few of the outlandish creations from the cast this season. Previous seasons seemed to have some crazy stuff too but you could appreciate it somewhat. Well except for this lovely ensemble

Yeah, I just don't see anyone wearing this. Not unless they had some horrible deformity that they were trying to hide.

Ok, here are a couple pieces that I could find some appreciation for but I still couldn't see any "real world" people wearing them.



There is a beauty of sorts to these and maybe some celebrity or someone rich and famous may wear them but your average Jane? I think not. The 2nd was made by last season's winner who is quite the character so back then I got to tune in for the crazy and some good fashion now and again. What's with the ear muffs on that 1st one though? It's just a coincidence that both are of the frilly, tool persuassion. I wasn't finding a whole lot of picture choices out there, really I just got sick of looking through all the nonsensical fashion.



This piece here was made by the winner of season 1… if I remember correctly.


Now it's a decent dress, I could see your average Jane wearing this one even. In fact she wore this one specifically a little to much so you can see it's loved. I could see the really average Jane wearing it actually cause it's made out of corn husks… how expensive could it be to whip up one of those?? Waste not want not... LOL.

This last piece…. I'm not sure what to think about it.


Ok, I lied. What I think is the poor girl is so malnourished that she just can't hold herself up straight cause that shoulder piece, or whatever the heck they call it, probably weighs more than her.

Which brings me to those runway models who are a whole other story

Can we just get some with more realistic body types and "real" sizes rather than 0 or -1??

Ok, I guess I really shouldn't be trying to judge when my idea of fashion is


But hey, freedom of speech is one of my rights and I needed an entry for the Fashion category of the Blogophilia OlympicsJ

Meet the Kids

I always wanted pets when I was little but could never have them. There were all the usual reasons that parents give their kids but I vowed that I'd have all sorts of them when I was living on my own. I've been out on my own for about 20 years now and over the years I've had more than 40 pets! That is an average of 2 a year but I've had at least 4 at any given time with the highest being 14+ at one point! Today I am down to 4 again. 2 of those are remaining from the 14+ and the other 2 are new, 1 within the last 2 years and the other a month or so. My pets are like my kids and they say that, like kids, pets pick up some likeness to their owners. I'd have to agree with that because my pets have definitely picked up on my inner and outer crazy!! I've done a tribute poem to 2 of them in the past but I figured that they deserve a little more than that so this in an introduction to Melanie's crazy 4.

Tangelo, a Moluccan Cockatoo, is the oldest of the 4 and one of the survivors of the 14+. Curiously enough, he will be 14 in December.


He loves to
welcome me home daily,
remind me that he's still here nightly,
whisper sweet nothings,
mimic the cat's meow and my laugh,
eat mashed potatoes and the insides only of grapes, corn and peas,
leave me the gift of the skins from the grapes, corn and peas,
chase around the other pets and wander about,
and he enjoys a good beat so that he can flaunt his dancing skills.

He dislikes

when one of the dogs hang out by his cage to pick up the food he's tossed out,
being ignored,
my brother because he ignores him,
people getting all touchy feely before he's had time to warm up to them,
apples and bananas,
and the vacuum.

I purchased him from a bird breeder. She had me come to her home to visit Tangelo from the time he hatched until he was full grown and ready to go home so I could form that "parent-child" bond. It's a matter of weeks until they are full grown, amazing! He is quite the character, I may have to blog a tale or 2 of his some time.

Tinker, a cat of possible Siamese and/or Persian decent, is the other survivor of the 14+ and is about 9 years old.


She loves to
sleep and be lazy,
greet me in the morning when I wake up,
chatter constantly,
lounge in the upstairs hall right at the top of the steps,
eat anything and everything that you leave on the counter,
make a mad dash for the outside if she can squeeze out the door,
annoy you to get back in 5 seconds later,
and sit by the sliding glass door to watch the crazy squirrels gather their winter harvest.

She dislikes
Being ignored,
a dirty cat box,
not being fed on time,
being told to stay off the counter,
being told to be quiet,
being banished from the bedrooms,
and Tangelo biting her tail.

I sort of adopted her. Her mom was a stray cat that had babies on my sister's porch and then left them, never to return again. There are definitely some tales with this one and no I'm not talking about the one that helps her to hide her bootie.

Mogli, a Min Pin, is a little over 2 and is not part of the infamous 14+ but I think she likes it that way.


She loves to
jump like a kangaroo,
run in circles like a nut,
attack Tinker,
visit Tangelo's cage for a snack,
eat Tinker's food,
and just look dang cute.

She dislikes
Kids trying to play with her,
being away from me,
the cold Mn winters,
the rain,
having to be in a kennel at any time,
the new arrival… she's getting used to her though,
going to the vet,
when you mess with her stubby little tail,
when you move her from her comfortable napping positions,
and when you blow air anywhere near her face.

She was born on July 25, 2006 so her birthday is the day before mine. For that reason, and the fact that she was just too dang cute, I had to rescue her from a pet shop that I just knew I shouldn't enter.

Caprice, a Chihuahua, is currently visitor to our humble abode. Whether her true owner returns for her or not remains to be seen but in the meantime she is family and fits in quite nicely.


She loves to
chew on toys,
wrestle with Mogli,
run around the living room table on Sundays when I watch True Blood,
get crazy with a toy or 2 and then pass out,
and just annoy Mogli when she's trying to relax.

She dislikes
being in the kennel,
the rain,
being ignored when she is trying to get your attention,
Mogli trying to take all the attention,
and Mogli not being up for a spur of the moment game of attack.

She is growing on us so we hope that she stays foreva!

So that is the brood as it stands today. I hope I didn't bore ya with all their little stats but I figured that others talk about their kids so I should talk about mineJ

This is an entry for the Nature and Animals category for the Blogophilia Olympics.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Rebel Within

Trapped inside

Just trying to get out

I must confide

It's weird here no doubt

Ups and downs

The mind spins around

Crazy clowns

On a merry-go-round

Responsible outside

A rebel within

Let the two collide

So the fun can begin

Life is too short

To keep me confined

With your support

Souls become entwined

Just let me live

And spice up your day

The past I'd forgive

Just to get out and play


Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Gift of the Rainbow

Over yonder, behind those trees

the rainbow ends in a pot of Sprees.

No gold found here where it's not needed

but candy will be happily greeted.

For now I lie in a field of flowers

drying off from the April showers.

The sun begins to come out of hiding

and soon down that rainbow I'll be sliding.

The leprechauns will show me the way

to the pot o' candy without delay.

They come this way on their trip over

and I'll pay them with a 4 leaf clover.

We will then skip merrily along

as we sing a Willie Wonka type song.

Once we arrive to our destination

we find ourselves on a candy plantation.

Before the rainbow began to depart

the leprechauns had words to impart

"Candy is what makes the world go round."

Leprechauns really aren't too profound.

With that they let me slide on down

my joy was heard all over town.

The rainbow dispersed and they all agree

To leave the candy plantation to me.


Monday, September 22, 2008

Tortured Youth

See that house back there,

it haunts my dreams.

It causes a scare

and brings on screams.

So many tortured days

spent in my young life,

emotions set ablaze

from weeping and strife.

These eyes of mine have seen

many horrible things.

Some of it was obscene

and involved squeaky springs.

At times I do go back,

you may think me insane.

It's not sanity I lack

it just keeps me humane.

You may think me twisted

from childhood sense of view,

knowing evil existed

has kept me safe from you.

I'm stronger from those years

and wise beyond my youth.

I may still shed some tears

but I can see the truth.


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