Monday, August 4, 2008

Vacation Spree

I would like to vacation somewhere new
A place with a different cultural view
Just blindly jump on a plane and take off
And where ever we land I would not scoff

I would love an African Safari
Or India, I could wear a sari
Someplace tropical is always quite nice
Or even cold, I could see sculptured ice

How about Egypt and the pyramids
Or Asia with their beautiful orchids
I'd love to go back to Italy too
They just have so much there to see and do

Thailand, Switzerland, Paris or Madrid
I don't think there's a place I'd forbid
Central America or Canada
Greece, Australia, or even Granada

I'll go anywhere if even just once
There are places to see in abundance
The Middle East and for sure Germany
I'll hit Oktoberfest and get zany

I'd love to travel for months at a time
If I had the money that would be sublime
Because then I could just take off and flee
And those are some of the places I'd see

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