Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Tribute to Tangelo

You're big and a very light shade of pink
And you're sweeter than most people may think
You are like a big cuddly teddy bear
Which most people will find out if they dare
That big beak of yours may turn people off
But you're so cute when you show off your coif
You can be very obnoxious and loud
But you're usually quiet in a crowd
When I got home you greet me hello
It's not with words, just your loud bellow
The pitch of your call always shows your stance
When music is playing you love to dance
Bobbing your head and flapping your wings
When you're worn out it's back to your swings
You whisper sweet nothings but you don't talk
It is my laugh you can perfectly mock
If I'm feeling down or a little low
It's you that lifts my spirits Tangelo

These pictures were taken by me, Tangelo is such a ham he makes it easy!

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