Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Rainbow of Life

What is this with my eye that I see?
A world just filled with diversity.
Many things differ between you and me
But some are similar don't you agree?

You love your family, really? Me too.
I think that's something we all share, don't you?
From each other we could learn something new.
We could see the world through the other's view.

We'd share in our differences, you and I.
Then out to the world we go to apply
Spreading the word with our own battle cry.
If someone listens we've hit the bull's-eye.

Before speaking badly put on the brakes.
Everyone everywhere makes their mistakes,
If one person listens that's all it takes
It will be worth all the pain and heartaches.

It's a rainbow of life I see out here
The differences aren't what people should fear.
Accepting should be the choice that is clear
Because things aren't always as they appear.

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