Saturday, August 9, 2008

Perversely Loving You

I came across this picture and it inspired met to jot this ditty, not out of my own experience however. I've been lucky enough not to have to deal with these types of things but I have heard other's stories and I have many a Lifetime movie under my belt so that is where I've drawn the words from.

You always said that you loved me.
That you could never live without me
But that only left me fearing you
And somehow perversely loving you.

Your angry words hurt, all would agree.
Your hands, they leave marks that all can see.
I'd like to say that we're done, we're through,
How to escape I just have no clue.

You've taken away my sense of pride,
From everyone I know I just hide.
Your loving me is ruining my life.
The love I felt is replaced with strife.

You said you'd never hurt me, you lied!
I'm left feeling like my heart has died.
All these years I've been like a housewife,
I'll warn you that I'm good with a knife.

You could never live without me? Great!
I'm making dinner, don't be too late.
You showed up and you were so polite.
We did both have such a pleasant night.

You called it a night, I planned instead
And while you slept I cut off your head.
Don't worry, I was sad and I cried.
Now I'm safe and you're still by my side.

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