Sunday, August 3, 2008

Nature's Beauty

Inside this dwelling it's a tranquil scene

The calm running water is quite serene

Outside liquid fire begins to flow

The walls of the cave take on a slight glow

The volcano's eruption heats the stream

The cavern's opening showing the gleam

Soon the hot molten lava will invade

Causing this peaceful perfection to fade


Today I stumbled upon this great gift

A golden leaf brought to shore by the drift

Most passed it by as if it were compost

But it called to me as I walked the coast

I picked it up gently and brought it home

Cleaned it and put it in a frame of chrome

To remind be of my daily duty

Of preserving all of Nature's beauty


Up ahead are the promises of spring

The warmth and the green that it will soon bring

In this dark area there is still snow

But once it is melted flowers will grow

With the signs of winter's start to adjourn

The spring animals will also return

The snow will become a slow running stream

Then I can return to think and daydream


Viewing the sunset from this rocky shore

I'm struck by the beauty down to my core

Almost appearing as fire in the sky

I take it all in and let out a sigh

The soft blowing breezes and gentle waves

Provides a soft music my soul just craves

The clouds will disperse and the stars will shine

And the scene then will be just as divine


As the sky looks into its own mirror

It sees that evening is drawing nearer

Soon it will show the twinkling reflections

Of the sky's shiny gemlike collections

Because of its beauty it can be vain

Once it's too full of itself it will rain

Cleaning the mirror to start all anew

All while I sit on this dock and just view


Lying in my tropical oasis

The sun still showing its changing faces

Soon the bright moon will be way up above

So I can view constellations I love

The ocean is very calm and serene

And the palm trees above are nice and green

The breezes will gently rock me to sleep

Until the sun begins it's morning creep


The pics that go with these have been taken off line by the owner of them... BLAH... some of them were pretty great!. Let your imagination go:-)

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