Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Lint For Brains

Week 24 Topic: The Murky Depths Below...
bonus points
(hard, 2 points): Include a Haiku
(easy, 1 point): mention dryer lint
Final day to post: Aug. 18th, midnight GMT.

Lately I've just been too tired and too much is getting to me. I noticed that when you are tired it's a lot harder to keep on the positive tip and not be affected so much by the daily grind. Dealing with work, life in general, and all the extra curricular stuff is really beginning to make my brain feel like dryer lint.

Some dryer lint is pretty friendly looking, all soft and fluffy, but that's not the type that my brain is morphing to. There is the stuff that you've pulled fresh from the lint trap and usually there are little escape artists that span off from that. My brain is morphing to the pieces that escape from that nice fuzzy bunch and fall, only to gather in the murky depths below.

My washer and dryer are in the basement and it's pretty murky down there, you don't want to be there longer than necessary. It's not the best place in the house to hang out with your family, to have a nice cozy dinner for 2, or even to sneak in a sundae treat. However, in the winter time it could almost pass for an alternate place to store ice cream… to bad I'm not hankering for a waffle bowl sundae too often in the winter!!

I do like some ice cream though; in fact I'd like a little right about now. I'll have to work on that, maybe it will help freeze the morphing brain... that and some sleep will definitely help I'm almost positive. Now that I'm in the mood for some frozen delights I feel the need to spin a little ditty…

A sundae for 2

You feed me and I feed you

The cherry is mine

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