Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Gone crazy will be back soon
That's the motto of this loon

When is soon I do not know
I just jump in with the flow

Where it takes me I am free
Spinning thru a crazy spree

It's a laughing place of fun
And it's only just begun

With age comes more craziness
I love it I must confess

It's a place of toons and games
Where we make up silly names

We is me, myself and I
And one of us is a spy

We like to play hide and seek
But we always have to peek

None of us can get away
From each other there's no way

If we split and then go sane
It would be of great disdain

So we never ever split
Who? What, why? Shhhhh! No, stop. Quit!

Crazy is too fun you'll learn
Gone crazy.... I may return

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