Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Jabber Tales

Week 25 Topic: That was way too easy...
bonus points
(hard, 2 points): Include a line of poetry from 19th Century poet
(easy, 1 point): mention water balloons
Final day to post: Aug. 25th, midnight GMT

Hey dad ya ever heard of tha JabbaWockeeZ? Phil was at first startled by the outburst from his son but then thought that it was about time he was getting a little culture. "Yeah Jake, I've heard of it. I'm glad to see your taking an interest in that stuff." Jake was a little surprised because normally his dad gave him a hard time for watching too much T.V. and idolizing the street and hip-hop dancers. He figured that his dad should cut him a little slack since he was even beginning to like lyrical, classical, and jazz dancers… some of those choreographers were just wicked! "So Jake what did you want to know about Jabberwocky?" "Oh nuttin bout them, I already know all there is ta know cause I'm the numba 1 fan dude!!" "I wanted ta know if I can go ta tha show." Phil was a little perplexed, "The show you say?" "Yeah dad, there is a show and a bunch of my friends are goin so I wanted ta go too." Phil thought about it and figured that Jake was doing better in school, he'd been staying out of trouble, and he was asking to go to a poetry show… how could he say no to that? "Sure you can go, how much is it going to cost me?" "Nuttin, my friend gots an extra ticket and said I would just need ta buy pop or somethin." Jake thought for a minute and figured that was way too easy and he didn't want to risk it so he said "I can use my own bucks ta buy that stuff so it's all good." Phil was shocked once again; his little boy was growing up. "When is the show?" "It's tonight! John's dad said he would pick me up if it was ok." Phil agreed to let him go and said "Beware of the Jabberwocky, my son." "Oh, and be home right after!" Then he just walked off laughing to himself. Jake thought for a second to try to figure out what his dad meant but he was too excited for the show so he gave up and went to call John to give him the news.

When John and his dad pulled up Jake was jamming out listening to the Rob Dougan, from the Matrix soundtrack, on his iPod. He had the sound so high that he didn't hear the horn honking. The new Boss earphones that he got from his grandma for his birthday were the best present ever. He giggled to himself as he remembered what his grandma wrote in the card, she told him to have fun listening to his records on his record player. He didn't even know what a record or a record player was! John got frustrated and knew that his friend was always attached to the dang things so he brought some ammunition with him. Just as Jake was checking out what he was going to listen to next, he was beaned in the head and then he was dripping. "Wha tha….!!!" He cut himself off cause he didn't want his dad to overhear and change his mind on letting him go. He turned around and saw John and his dad laughing hysterically in the car. "Dude, what tha heck was that for?" John couldn't stop laughing so his dad apologized for him "Sorry Jake but we honked and you weren't hearing us so John got a little carried away." Their friendship began with water balloons 5 years. John was walking down the street just as he'd dropped a water balloon from the office building his dad worked in. Fate had him cross under just in time to be pegged square in the head. Phil felt bad because he knew John a little so he had run down to apologize and they became fast friends. Fast friends that continually ambushed each other with water balloons that is, it kept the friendship lively.

Phil got in the car and John finally got a hold of himself and stopped laughing. Phil got to thinking then and asked "Did you dudes work up this ambush wit my dad?" John said "No, why would I do that man… I just know when ta get ya good!" "Well he told me ta beware of tha Jabberwocky my son and I had no friggin clue what tha heck he was talkin bout til now." At this point John's dad busted out laughing and asked "Hey Phil, where exactly does your dad think you are going?" Phil said "What do ya mean? I told him I'm goin ta see the JabbaWockeeZ dude." "Well, I believe that he was quoting to you from a Lewis Carroll poem called Jabberwocky." Phil started laughing. "They actually got a poem called Jabberwocky?" "No wonder why my dad let me go so easily dude!" John's dad just shook his head. "You 2 should check out the poem sometime, you'd probably like it since it speaks in your language." They finally made it to the show. John's dad peeped in after a while to check out what all the hype was about this dance crew.


After that John thought to himself that he was going to make sure to look up the Lewis Carroll poem and make them read it on the way home after the show. He felt it would fit in with the evening quite nicely and smooth things over with Phil's dad once he found out what they really did tonight.

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