Sunday, August 10, 2008

Defeating Monsters


When lights are out, it's monster that I fear.

Since no one is around, they just appear.

If dad comes in they are no where in sight.

He can not rid my fears, try as he might.

Mom once let me use a little night light

But they just unplugged it, bringing back night.

I lie wide awake, their movement I hear.

I remain really still and they just lear.

Sometimes I have to look under the bed

Cause I try to leave treats so they are fed.

If they are full then they may not eat me.

It's a pretty good plan, don't you agree?

I wish that they'd leave and just let me be,

I'd then be full of so much joy and glee.

But they keep coming so I used my head,

Pointed a flashlight in their eyes instead.

Monsters do not like the light I found out,

Direct hit in their eyes and they just shout.

With this discovery I can now sleep

And the monsters, they just stand by and weep.

They continue to come around and creep

But they fear the flashlights there in a heap.

The creepy dudes just stand around and pout

So soon they will leave me for good, no doubt


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