Saturday, August 23, 2008


He went to the crossroads and sold his soul
In the middle of the night
Where terrors take hold and spirits creep
The moon is full and the stars are twinkling bright
Two Strangers begin to fall in love again

Your beauty pervades my every thought
You mesmerized me from the very star
Invoking the elements on this magical night
Rekindling dreams they thought fast asleep

My heart skipped a beat drawn in by your charms
We shouldn't do anything your gonna regret
Love may be patient but love is blind

You are pulling me under your spell completely
My addiction to you leaves me in a trance

Intoxicated and breathless they let passion begin
In rhapsody they sail beneath the moonlight
Making love in moonlight by the sea
Bound together where their hearts belong
Gleaming drops of crimson fall onto the floor
A bond is made that can't be severed
Darkness fades as sunshine breaths

The morning sun reflects off the drops of dew
Exposing secrets that for so long have gone untold
To seek what as yet remains untold
Are we really immortal or do our minds tell us lies
Let all the nothings fall away as you and I run away
Never worry about what comes our way
Whether it be sunshine or skies of grey
The past is the past live for today
I will be with you every step of the way
Tomorrow is another day

This was my first poem for a Collab group on MySpace. You take lines that people put out there & peice them together into a unique poem. This one was put together using lines by ~~ raiden, Margie, Michelle K, niKi Rok$ aka roKit QuEen, Joskibear, sheila A, barb, Colleen B, LadySeda, Winters Child, Munch, Lawrence of Ukraine, Naome, A-Rhodi, Cheryl, Expressions and last but not least Melanie.

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