Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Tranquility of Belief

In the serenity of the evening moonlight

Enjoying the rippling waves and cool night air

I look up and hope to see shooting stars take flight

Ready to unleash wishes with nothing to spare

I sit on the beach enjoying the midnight breeze

Wondering who's there to listen to my requests

The only noise coming from the rustling trees

And I begin to think that I'm already blessed

Up in the midnight sky are incandescent stars

Off in the distance there are mountains to behold

If I look really close I may even see Mars

The night is so perfect, as if it is controlled

My mind goes back to the abyss overhead

And my curiosity sets in anew

It is to some God that we are usually led

But what form that God takes just depends on your view

It would be too sad to think that no one hears

So I choose to believe in a higher power

Someone that knows about my hopes and my fears

Someone with whom I would never need cower

I enjoy the tranquility of believing

And hope that everyone finds a similar peace

It's with this belief that I end up achieving

And each day my belief continues to increase

What form this higher being takes I do not know

But I do believe they are full of love for all

Believing in them keeps you safe from what's below

And they are always there to catch you when you fall


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