Wednesday, July 9, 2008

There's A Hole In The Bucket

A blogger friend, Deanna Banana, put together a TAG & asked that people make a bucket list. You know, for that movie with Jack & Morgan (yeah, we're on a 1st name basis... jealous??? (tee hee hee). Well I figured that like my brain at times, my bucket would have a hole in it. I wasn't sure how long the list should be, since I have yet to see the flick, and I could come up with all sorts of silly things so there has to be that hole for things to slip in & out of. So here is some of what I came up with

1) Take a month long trip to Germany. It would help if I could finally get the language down so I'll tack that on here too. It's where I was born & where my mom is from so I need to make it back there now that I'm old enough to gain something from it!

2) Sky dive. It will be scary as hell but I gotta try it at least once. That & bungie jumping! I did the cliff jump into the ocean & that was pretty awesome.

3) To go on one of those mission trips where you are helping out people in another country with whatever it is that they need at the time. That would be so rewarding.

4) To go on an African safari! I want to see some scenery that is straight out of.... The Lion King! I figure if it's Disney there is less chance of getting attacked by any of the animals I may come across.

5) To figure out what the heck it is I want to do with my life!!! I can't really complain cause all in all I do well where I'm at. It's a great place to work, I like what I do, I'm good at it (not to toot my own horn or anything) but I just don't feel like it's what I'm meant to do & I can't figure out what it is that would make me feel complete…. To take a line from Jerry McGuire, tee hee hee.

6) To always be young at heart because toys are AWESOME! Kids on the other hand are a challenge that I don't want to be responsible for so I'd rather just be one.

7) To be alive when we actually start being able to visit other planets cause I'm so getting on the list to check them out when it happens! Maybe I'll find Marvin the Martian & the Great Kazoo!

gazoo.gif great kazoo image by stealyourboognish

This may also help achieve my future goal I made my senior year in highshool... "To find the world of everlasting weirdness & live there". I have yet to find it, other than in my own head.

8) To learn how to swim so that I could then learn how to scuba dive & check out the underwater world in person. Think it's like Finding Nemo... or even better, the Snorks!?!?!?!? Remember them

snorks.jpg snorks image by goodfriendkimmy

9) To have the means to travel whenever & where ever I'd like to. I'd like to visit everywhere at least once. Some places I'd like to get back to more often cause there is just so much to see. Some I'd like to get back to are Italy, Ireland, and New Orleans (and Germany of course!)

10) To see that my immediate family is safe and secure in life.

11) To experience some supernatural phenomenon, hopefully of the friendly persuasion rather than the spooky. I'm ok with a little spooky though;-) Maybe some of Casper & his Boo Brothers, a little friendly & some hijinx spookiness.

12) I think I'd like to make greeting cards. I have a rhyming fetish of sorts and come up with some crazy ideas sometimes. I sometimes make them for family & friends to curb the creativity appetite:-)

13) Throw caution to the wind & just live life like today was my last day. I really don't ever do that & I really, really should!

14) Take the time to actually seriously look into all the things that interest me rather than keep saying I'll check it out someday. The list gets longer & longer & someday seems further and further away while I just get older & older. It's a vicious cycle and it's getting squeaky so I gotta break out the oil sooner or later to take care of some of that noise.

15) Hmmm, trying to think if I'd want to meet anyone famous but I'm not sure that I would. It may just ruin my image of them. Maybe Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie cause I could join then in some 3rd world mission to take care of 3 on the list. Plus, I'm thinking if they are really what they seem like they'd be I could learn some pretty interesting & quite possibly some freaky things from them.

16) I draw & write a little here & there, dabble really, so I'd like to hone those skills more so I could have a creative outlet for the craziness that ensues inside this head of mine.

17) To be able to cook really well, Top Chef style. Ok, first to know what the heck half the stuff is that they are cooking!

18) To be able to open myself up to someone & feel like my problems matter rather than being the someone for everyone & always thinking my life is good & I shouldn't ever complain!

19) To finally get the science of managing money down. That & how to make it work for me investment style!! Another one of those things I keep meaning to check out.

20) To be some sort of neat freak so that I don't always have to feel like I'd be hiding out if someone were to knock on my door cause I fear letting them into my abyss of unorganization (nice way of saying dirty house).

21) TO LEARN HOW TO BE MY OWN HANDYMAN... well, I guess that would be handywoman. I'm pretty self-sufficient but when it comes to fixing things I'd just make it worse before it got better.

22) To actually read all the books that I own so that I can finally get rid of them, they take up too much space.

23) To figure out how the heck to get my laptop, my desktop, the Tivo, & whatever else, to talk to each other can't we all just be friends???

24) To be able to speak publicly. You know, speech like. I freeze up & stumble like an idiot while in my head I can have all these great things mapped out to say that just don't come out that way. This happens in casual conversation also, not sure why it's just always been an issue.

25) Get over the shy awkwardness that is me!! Not too much that I forget who I am cause it's part of what makes me who I am but enough that I'm not always uncomfortable or nervous.

There's a hole in the bucket dear Liza dear Liza, there's a hole in the bucket dear Liza a hole.

26) I know that the Smurfs exist out there so someday I'm going to stumble across their villiage & meet them. Brainy and I are going to have a philisophical debate on why there are billions of males & only 2 females!
Smurfs_2.jpg Los Pitufos image by blinkyta
Well fix it dear Henry dear Henry dear Henry, well fix it dear Henry dear Henry fix it.

27) I so want a robot maid like the Jetsons. Don't you think we've advanced enough in our lifetime to have some Jetsons like capabilities???
jetsons.jpg Jetsons image by tracy1205
With what shall I fix it dear Liza dear Liza with what shall I fix it dear Liza with what?

28) I want to work at a movie theater so I can see my movies for free, woot woot!!
With an axe dear Henry dear Henry dear Henry with an axe dear Henry with an axe

29) Oooo, maybe work at Best Buy so I can get a discount on all my movies, music & electronic bundles of fun!!

30) To have one of those memories that can remember the words to music & movies after seeing or hearing it once... I'm so very jealous of that skill!

Ok, it's obviously late & I'm getting strange so I'm putting a plug into the holy bucket list now. I think I got off track of what the list is really meant to be so I'm stopping the insanity!

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