Monday, July 28, 2008

Ode to Mogli

Sweet little bundle of energy

Black and tan with legs that are spindly

You bounce around like a kangaroo

Add a few moves you could do kung fu

All worn out you curl into a ball

Little breaths causing a rise and fall

All of a sudden you jump and twitch

Something you're dreaming you just can't ditch

You then wake up for some fun and games

Ready to fight and you're taking names

We have some fun playing keep away

Once again worn out from all the play

So it is time for a snappy nap

Snuggled up like a ball in my lap

You're always so cute asleep or awake

It's hard to be mad at messes you make

From the tips of your pointed little ears

To the nubbed tail at the end of your rear

You are adorable and so free

My sweet little munchkin Mogli.


Pic taken by me, sweet little Mogli. It's not often I take a good pic but I liked this one a lot:-)

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