Friday, July 18, 2008

Ocean of Tears

Exiled in an ocean of loneliness

An ocean comprised of so many tears

Tears that have been shed by many sad souls

Souls that are weeping for the world today

One lost little angel in the center

An angel immersed in the world's sad state

A world that used to be so plush and green

Green that is being turned to brick and stone

Slowly the world is taking its revenge

Revenge and chaos in so many forms

Chaos consisting of scary weather

Weather like tornadoes and hurricanes

Some try to make the world a better place

A place that is healthy and green again

Healthy and free of pollution and trash

Pollution that will poison us also

The angel continues to sit and mourn

Mourn the slight fact that so few seem to care
Care that only the ocean will be left
That ocean of tears from very sad souls

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