Friday, July 4, 2008

Letting Go

Stairway To Heaven

Years have passed and left me bewildered
by the decisions in the path you chose.
Things may have seemed bad
but in time they get better,
I guess your demons just overruled.
The choice you made leaves us to wonder
what it was that haunted you.
Was your life so bad?
Does regret linger?
I'm left with awful things to remember.

9 long years and almost 9 more,
but it sometimes seems like yesterday.
I still have questions
but they'll never be answered
so I make the choice to endure.
When I think back to that disturbing find
of your soulless body lying there,
I'm feeling angry and more so hurt
that you left everything the way you did.

If different choices were made by all
and if we listened to our hearts and minds,
you may not have taken the road you did.
I now know that I have to let go
of the perplexed feelings and hope your well.
This is my final farewell to you
I will forgive but will never forget
I have to move on, let my soul heal
My hope is that your soul will to.

2 Unleashed voices:

spiritedlmo said...

wow, extremely powerful. you have a lot in you. more than most people can ever imagine.

upinthecosmos said...

People easily see how much I have in me... LMAO!!!! Always joking, ok... keep it serious here.... thanks, it's a side I don't show most poeple:-)

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