Sunday, July 6, 2008

If The End Were Now

From way above I look down below
The world it seems to move so slow

When I was there it all went so fast

I now am left to think of the past

To think of all the things I missed

To think of those I never kissed

To think of those I never hugged

To think of heartstrings being tugged

To think of love I never felt

To think of things that made me melt

All of these things and so much more

Way up here while I drift and sore.

There are also great memories

Like all the travels overseas

Having great times with awesome friends

Hoping the laughs would never end

Jumped from cliff into the ocean

Couldn't swim though, what a notion

Floated with stingrays and got a kiss

Spent lots of time in tropical bliss

Bought my first house at twenty-one

Had some Labor Day camping fun

Movie nights after drinks and eats

Seeing shows from pretty good seats

Getting my piercings and tattoos

Good times on a Carribean cruise

Younger years are hard to recall

There was teasing when I was small

But the experience molded me

Into the person I was meant to be

There's still so much to live and learn

Much to enjoy at every turn

The life I had was awful short

Now I look for divine support

To agree that now is not the time

A little longer would be sublime


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